Auras – Energy Fields

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We’ve often felt as though someone is ‘stepping into our space’ even though there’s been no physical contact – it’s probably because they’re standing in your aura!

An aura is essentially a large magnetic energy field enveloping any living being that requires oxygen for survival. Although relatively ignored by the mainstream science, there are numerous esoteric circles that believe in this phenomenon.


Typically an aura extends to a distance of three feet around a person’s body – there must have been times wherein you would have ‘sensed’ the mood of a friend, or even a stranger without them having said a single word. This could have occurred because you interacted with the aura of the person.

It is said that diseases first appear in the auras, and then move down into the physical body. Psychics who read auras are often able to spot an impending disease or illness, weeks before the person with the infected aura actually falls sick. Some skilled psychics clear or cleanse the aura to ensure the energy flows evenly throughout the body.

Auras reading can offer useful insights into the spiritual, physical, and emotional facets of an individual, and with a little practice, even you could balance your energy centers, go get that special glow.


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