Beating the stigma in The Netherlands: it is more about good parties!

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The land of windmills, soft drugs and red light districts. This is how The Netherlands is known to many, idealized as a hedonistic garden where much is allowed. And yet this small country is rapidly getting itself noticed for good Psytrance parties and festivals that are worth traveling for. 

Organizations are providing great gatherings that unite local and international scenes, becoming melting pots for artists from all corners: visual & projection artists, production & decoration teams, painters, designers, sculptors and musicians. Each organization has its own style of production, decoration and music of preference. As a result, a bigger variety of music can be heard in Dutch parties, from Dark Prog, Dark Psy, Forest, Psycore, Hi-Tech to Progressive and Full On, there are many styles to suit all tastes.

Recently, a Dutch festival has taken the eye of international festival-goers: Psy-Fi in Leeuwarden. Last year’s edition was a huge success, filled with headliners and a multi-national public, promising again to be a great event this year!

Another good festival is Solstice, happening outside of Amsterdam for over 10 years. The crew behind it is Trance Orient Express, also responsible for monthly parties at the Ruigoord, a squatted village that became legalized and is a symbol of the old psychedelic days.

Amsterdam has a high point in the end of April: the Bom Voyage Kingsday party. This is a traditional free gathering and admittedly one of the best days to be in The Netherlands! The same organization also makes high quality indoor events with international line ups that attract a large number of people. 

Yet another crew from Amsterdam that has won the local hearts is Dutch Acid Family – DAF, with popular parties decorated mostly by wooden structures that are both beautiful and interactive.

More highlights go to Kosmic Fusion in The Hague with their nice parties and cozy atmospheres, often working with other good teams such as Psychedelic.FM from Delft. CampAttack makes interesting events around the country, collaborating with crews like Psychedelic Affair from Rotterdam. As well, 3rd BIT in the north is a traditional organization that has been active for many years.

In short, there is greater choice! More crews creating good Psytrance parties can be found in Amsterdam: Gaia’s Platform, Namaste, Innervisions and Full Circle. In Groningen: Up-Projects, Psy-Experience and Guerrillla-Events. In Eindhoven: Global Aura. In Leiden: Twilight and V-Killer. In Maastricht: TDS. In Nijmegen: S-Xperience. In Utrecht: Area 52. In Hilversum: Stichting Vrij Feesten. In The Hague: Shut Up & Dance. In Rotterdam: Twisted Extractions. In Zwanenburg: Mad Melodies. Around the country: All Muzing, N2O and Ω crew.

So pack your bags and come to The Netherlands! You will be able to spot a windmill or two, check beautiful flower fields, enjoy local coffeeshops and smartshops, while topping it all up with the Psytrance festival and party of your choice!


More Parties/Festivals:
3rd Bit, All Muzing, Area 52, Bom Voyage, CampAttack, DAF, Full Circle, Gaia's Platform, Guerrillla-Events, Global Aura, Innervisions, Kosmic Fusion, Mad Melodies, N2O, Namaste, Psy-Fi, Psy-Experience, Psychedelic.FM, Psychedelic Affair, S-Xperience, Shut Up & Dance, Solstice, Stichting Vrij Feesten, TDS, Trance Orient Express, Twilight, Twisted Extractions, Up-Projects, V-Killer, Ω crew.


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  • Dani,Thanks for posting this, I am in a very dark valley right now and have been blaming the Lord for my troubles. I have lost my home and my wife is very ill. Thanks to the spirit driven success cd’s I have asked the Lord for forgiveness and am no longer going to live in self pity and anger. I have re-dedicated my life to God and will no longer believe the enemies lies. You have truly been a blessing to my heart and life.John
  • Oh YES. I'd take the kitchen pretty much as-is (I'd hang the lights over the sink island lower, but hey -- no one's perfect ;-), and I'd like to "transplant" that light fixture in the entry hall to mine. I enjoyed your tour, and your blog! I'm off to take a look-see at the others...Stop by mine if you can. :-)
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