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Breathtaking artworks on naked skin: At the 20th World Bodypainting Festival in Austria from 24-30th July 2017, the world’s best artists cause surreal encounters.

A complete transformation, a body feeling between the surreal and euphoria: That is, what bodypainting promises. The art of bodypainting is part of many Psytrance festivals. But on these events, the full potential of bodypainting very often is not yet fully in bloom. In contrast to that, the world’s best artists from more than 50 countries are pulling out all the stops on the 20th World Bodypainting Festival in the town of Klagenfurth am Wörthersee in Austria from July 24th to July 30th.. “Bodypaiting is highly addictive. People, who once got painted are either completely ‘healed’ or get fully involved. Most people either love it or leave it“, says the German artist Wolf Reicherter about the fascination caused by the blaze of colour on naked skin. At World Bodypainting Championships, the „King of UV“ has already won multiple titles in blacklight bodypainting. Being part of the scene for years, he offers a workshop in “UV Blacklight Bodypainting“ for artists at the festival.

“For me personally, the festival offers a chance to meet artist friends from all over the world. We really are a bodypainting family, as often said. At the festival, it gets united“, says Wolf Reicherter. “20 years ago, the festival was set up in a completely different way. There were 20 artists gathering surrounded by a few tents.“ By now, hundreds of bodypainters, models and photographers from all over the world meet – plus ten thousands of visitors. The Bodypainting World Championship takes place. Artists can compete in different categories. Moreover, artists can take part in professional workshops the week before the festival opens for the public with music, fashion shows, art installations, shops and food stalls. “The contest puts high requirements on the participants, the competition is huge. If you want to win, you have to give everything. It probably takes one year to get prepared. The quality of bodypainting has risen, similar to other arts like for example tattooing. There is a huge number of breathtaking artworks. Who nowadays wins a title at the WBPA, really deserves it.”

“How much a title in bodypainting means, really depends on where the artists works. In Germany, you might have a few advantages. But the woman from South Korea, who won last year in the category ‘Brush and Sponge’ will probably benefit from that in her home country a lot more. As I experienced it, there are not many jobs for bodypainters available in Germany. Festivals or parties haven’t been the places for me to make big money. And in the commercial party business, bodypainting is often just used as an excuse to show naked breasts. I’m the wrong person for that. In general, bodypainting is a ‘nice to have’, but no ‘must have’. That’s economic reality. It’s hard to make a living out of bodypainting. I don’t know a lot of people, who are able to manage that.”

This year, Wolf Reicherter wants to take it really easy on the festival. His intention is to meet friends, to teach and to learn. The fact, that he is specialized in UV blacklight bodypainting might be very interesting for Psytrance festival fans. “In the UV blacklight, the transformation comes into full effect. If the painting is well done, your own body is able to move into the background. The layers of colour change the feeling for your own body. You don’t feel naked anymore. Concurrently, you are gaining energy, when you see yourself in a mirror“, says Wolf Reicherter. From 1999 to 2005, he did bodypainting at a few official Mushroom Magazine parties and at festivals. “Whenever it comes to creating a good bodypainting, I still listen to trance.“
The workshops take place from July 24th to 30th. The festivals opens for visitors from July 28th to 30th.

5 profesionelle Bodypainting Tips

The bodypainting artist Wolf Reicherter is working for example in film, theater and on events. He says: “Bodypainting is my passion and profession. Blacklight is my specialty.“

At a mushroom tour party in Hamburg, the South German artist Wolf Reicherer has already created the imagination of fantastic entities from alien worlds. He has some advise for everyone, who wants to feel or to let others feel the transformation through bodypainting either at daylight or at night.
1. Use professional body painting color to avoid any risks to your health. Make sure, you find the producer’s name and address written on the product as well as a list of contents.
2. Pay attention to hygiene. Don’t let anybody put his fingers into the color.
3. It’s the easiest method to start with brush and sponge.
4. UV body painting: Start to draw lines and see, what happens.
5. To present a UV body painting to great effect, it’s advisable to use one or two 120 centimeters long 40 watts strong blacklight tubes and to put them upright.

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