BOOM Festival • 04.08.-11.08.2014 • Idanha A Nova • Portugal

04.08.-11.08.2014 • Idanha A Nova • Portugal

Boom Festival

Boom Festival

The Boom festival celebrates its 10th edition!

Boom is not a festival only, it is a state of mind. It is based on the principles of Peace, Celebration, Culture, Art, Environment, Knowledge, Education, and Love. The idea is to create a space in this time continuum in which people from across the world can converge to experience an alternative reality – thus inspiring us to collectively channel the universal truth.

It is a festival dedicated to all free spirits. It is a celebration of intuition and telepathy where we witness a change in the way we communicate – eliminating the need for words.

The Boom mirror the changes that evolve in the universe by developing a unique experience that includes enjoying the nature, neo-tribalism, some of the best contemporary music, mind-stimulating lectures by global activists, inspiration of the finest art and performing arts. The vibe lived at Boom is a spirit (the spirit of the Boom) difficult to find anywhere else…

The Boom adheres to the principle of ‘thinking outside the box’, reflecting novel ways of expressing ourselves by unifying the alternative and psychedelic culture of the world. It is a weeklong experience away from dominant culture in the Portuguese sunny unspoilt nuclear-free lands.


Boom Environmental Program applies the Permaculture principles onto the festival.
It has been recognized with the Outstanding Greener Festival Award 2008, 2010, 2012, the European Festival Award 2010, Greener Festival Award for Green Innovation 2012 (due to the costumized water treatment technique). It demonstrates how possible it really is to create human gatherings that respect the Sacred Earth.
We use 100% composting toilets; we treat 100% of water using plants and give for free pocket ashtrays; we use waste veggie oil in the generators and we develop several water, Eco-Team, solar energy, sanitation, windmill and bio-construction-based solutions.
Come and join your brothers and sisters and discover new ways to positively live the environment!


We are the united tribe of the world and this is a colourful, intercultural gathering! People from all over the world (in 2012 there was 102 countries represented) unite to visualise and manifest one positive vision for the future. It is a haven in the cosmos of a new planetary culture as we leave behind our prejudices and impositions of cultural determinism. We Are One!


It is likely that you’ll have the most adventurous experience… You will face the natural elements that will detach yourself from your ego… You can discover your super powers when you regress to your life in another world… You will have unexpected meetings with unexpected beings from the other side of the world… You can get lost and find yourself in between. You can grow a mustache… You can become a freak with a van. You can have visions of strange beings in the lake. It is likely after the Boom you can escpe the matrix and live independent, sustainable life. You can become/convert a vegetarian…. Dust wrestle with random strangers. Spontaneous french kiss a random stranger in a music area…


Together, we have experienced parties across some of the world’s most vibrant festivals, forests, beaches and parties: places where we’ve tuned in to the finest DJs and live acts and encountered the most invigorating vibes… In the process, we transformed ourselves, changing our attitudes and beliefs and the way in which we view the world.
Spread across different stages, Boom represents an open-minded gathering of the psychedelic movement. Unveiling the delicatessen of underground music to an international crowd, the Boom experience is about connectedness with fresh and inventive music.
Boom itself however, is more than just a sonic festival. It is a festival that aims Transformation. It was spawned by the idea that the Boom experience can make a positive impact – not just in terms of our personal development, but also in terms of the universe around us.


Boom’s ultimate aim is transformation for a better world based on the idea that each Boomer is an active individual for change. The Liminal Village is Boom’s cultural hub. With lectures and talks on themes as diverse as activism, free cultural spaces, ancestral rites, mythology, ecology, dreamscapes, Permaculture, trance, sacred plants or alternative science. Vandana Shiva, Charles Eisenstein, Alex Grey, Daniel Pinchbeck, Graham Hancock, Robert Venosa, Erik Davis, shipibo Don Guillermo Arevalo are among some of the speakers that have been at Boom.


Art provides direct access to the deeper planes of our existence, taking us on a journey that impacts us in ways that music cannot. As well as painting, sculpture, land art, or video, we venture beyond the boundaries into novel terrain with a selection of dozens of art installations from some of the finest artists in the cosmos that create a synaesthetic, psychedelic experience, imparting powerful change deep within the human psyche.


Boom is, and always will be, completely free of corporate sponsorship and is funded by ticket sales alone. We are a corporation-free-driven festival, a zone of cognitive liberty that has grown organically by word of mouth. The Boom team dedicates its efforts to creating a parallel universe where you are the most important part. Make Change Happen.


At Boom, we pioneer the idea of spiritual social activism with a vast program of healing, yoga, ayurveda, tai chi, kung fu, watsu, therapies and holistic teachings. Awakening your spiritual being and nurture wellbeing to magnify and manifest universal values and help implement social change. We Are All.


There is no VIP areas, no special treatments. The VIPs are the Boomers.


We love to be in touch!

So for any info you need to know or idea that you would like to share, please contact us:


Phone: +351 277 201 052 | Fax: +351 277 208 138

You can also write us a letter to:

Good Mood Lda/ Boom Festival
Edifício Incubadora de Empresas
Zona Industrial
6060-182 Idanha-a-Nova


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