BOOM Festival • 04.08.-11.08.2014 • Idanha A Nova • Portugal

04.08.-11.08.2014 • Idanha A Nova • Portugal


Laut Duden ist ein Boom ein „plötzliches gesteigertes Interesse an/ für etwas, das dadurch sehr gefragt ist“ – und genau das hat das Festival mit diesem Namen verursacht: Einen Boom des Öko-Bewusstseins in der Festivallandschaft. Die Kompost-Klos der Boom sind nur ein Beispiel dafür. Als sie 2006 auf der Boom auftauchten, wirkten sie exotisch – heute sind sie auf immer mehr Festivals zu finden. Die Abwasser-Reinigung und durch erneuerbare Energie betriebene Infrastruktur könnten hoffnungsvollerweise weitere Trends setzen. Mit Besuchern aus 116 verschiedenen Ländern entstand 2012 eine temporäre Parallelwelt – eine heilere Welt, die als Inspiration in den Köpfen der Besucher weiter lebt und sich von dort aus verbreitet.

A ‘sudden increase, as in popularity’ – that’s what a boom is according to the dictionary. And that’s what the most multinational festival of this scene caused: A boom of sustainability.

Take compost toilets, for example. Today there are numerous festivals that embrace this technology. But 8 years ago? It seemed to be an exotic eco-art project when 20 of those wooden booths popped up at Boom in 2006. Six years later there were 186 of them, compost toilets are the only system at the festival. This is just one example how Boom sets standards for the international festival scene, and how it is much more than an open air – It’s a vivid example for sustainability.

Reuse – recycle – compost: That’s the mantra. Looking at the architecture of the festival, from the monumental dance temple to all the countless small structures that make its appearance so unique, it is surprising that the last edition was build from 70% recycled and reused materials, including almost 50 tons of plastic and 45 tons of wood. Looking at the sophisticated infrastructure, it’s just as surprising to know that areas like the Liminal Village and most of the workshops and offices in the background are working ‘off the grid’, in other words: They are powered exclusively and autonomously by renewable energy. The awarded greywater treatment system at Boom might well spark another eco-trend: It’s 100% organic, takes advantage of evaporation and pollutant-absorbing plants, and allows the festival to clean 100% of the wastewater from shops and showers.Boom Festival 2014

Another world is possible – Beautiful words, yet they call for action. Boom successfully demonstrates how it can work: In 2012 people from 116 different countries gathered at the festival, making it the most international event of the scene. They left with an experience that goes far beyond some epic party moments, they left with a takeaway-message that started a boom of sustainable culture in harmony with our planet!

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