Boom Logo 2014

BOOM Festival 2014 – Liminal Village

Boom Logo 2014If you want to enhance the possibilities of a computer program, to add new features and functionalities, you’ll probably download an update. If you want to enhance the possibilities of your consciousness, the operating system you’re running on, it works basically just the same way: By adding crucial information. Piecing together new thoughts in your mind enables you to change your behaviour – in other words, to make change happen. This idea has been taken to practice in the Liminal Village ever since the cultural space has been introduced at Boom Festival 2000, pointing the way ahead for the entire scene. Connect your mind to this intellectual hotspot and upgrade your mind – every day there are 20 hours of workshops, presentations and discussion panels about subjects like The Conscious Nutrition Model, Overcoming Inner and Outer Separation or Love, Sexuality and Relationships 2.0, plus a film showcase. The Liminal Village is just one of those many aspects that make Boom an experience that goes far beyond a music festival. Have a look at the website to get the full picture.

Liminal Village at Boom Festival
Liminal Village at Boom Festival
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