Callie Fink

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Callie Fink’s expression of her journey through life are layered on depictions of pieces of people and objects from other dimensions of consciousness.

Mixed Media Art

callie-fink-mixed-media-art-self-portraitCallie Fink is an self-taught artist from California. Art has always been her way to communicate with the world and a form of spirituality as well. She believes that the process of art is just as important as the final product – the unconscious concepts and colours being continually added and layered on while making the piece to her are a form of enlightenment and express her journey through life. Usually focussing on the immaterial world she creates pieces of people and objects from other dimensions of consciousness. She thinks that you can only continually improve if you regularly exercise the muscle that is your brain. Creating that connection between the hand and mind is something that every artist or art-lover should hone in on.

“Cut off my right hand, I’ll draw with my left hand.
Cut off my left hand, I’ll draw with my feet.
Cut off my feet, I’ll draw with my mouth.
Cut off my head, and I’m dead.”

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