Intelligent fashion for individuals with which both the current spirit of time, as well as the personal note of the individual is underlined!

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Arne & Telisee

arne telisse stubnitz decoration

Learn more about the decoration team that decorated festivals and locations like Psychedelic Circus, Vaikuntha, Voov Experience, the Juice Club and many more

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The Mind Heart Connection

The Mind Heart Connection is a music project that involves the human spirit, the balance through the life itself. It´s like the human heart as a muscle, which feeds on the lifegiving nutrients brought to it by blood circulation. Then ...

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Phoenyx & Fox

phoenix shop elves fairies

A large selection of sustainable fair trade products: Exceptional clothing, juggling - toys and accessories, home accessories, decoration and much more!

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psylo fashion streetwear yoga models

Psylo is the sustainable pioneer of a sub-genre of Streetwear, called ‘Ethno-Punk’.

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Mimesis Decoration

Dive into the world class Psytrance decoration from Barcelona for events like One Love Festival, S.U.N. Festival, Connection Festival and more.

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I’ve started my own online shop with 100% clothing & accessories, and collect beads for dreadlocks. Independency and expressing who you are, is one of the most important things in my life. After a life long struggle to be accepted ...

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Pseye Art

“Xochipilli” sculpture to 4Life Festival in Rio de janeiro, 08. april 2017. Plaster sculpture, flowers and leafs #pseyeart Load More Follow us on Instagram! + pseyeartPseye Art Visionary and psychedelic contemporary art. 23 Posts 187 Followers 447 Following Load More ...

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  Welcome to fairyU, boho online boutique. Our aim is to provide high quality unique bohemian style clothing and accessories. If you’re into hippy and gypsy moods looking for a stylish and boho style clothes we will be happy to ...

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UV-Optics ( QuerbasStelte Farben )

Rene und Gerrit. Zwei junge Männer die als Dekoteam für Goa und Psytrance Partys unterwegs sind, In liebevoller Handarbeit stellen wir unsere Dekorationen selber her. Load more

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Psychedelic Shamanic UV Art Prints Are Available !!! FOLLOW ENJOY Excellent choice to decorate festivals & musical clubs, yoga places, record labels & home studios, building interiors, outdoor events, beach clubs, etc…Become a creator of your own reality with ShivaOmArt fluoro ...

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Hello My name is Hugo, I am from S. Miguel – Azores (Portugal), I was treated by Huguim as a child and that is the origin of my artistic name.  From an early age I always liked drawing, scribbling the ...

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Léo Cremonese

My name is Léo Cremonese, I am a young French artist passionate about psytrance music and visual art. This music, with its deep bass, its acid tones and its inherent spiritual dimension, is for me a bearer of images. For ...

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Callie Fink


Callie Fink's expression of her journey through life are layered on depictions of pieces of people and objects from other dimensions of consciousness.

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Solja – Dancing with hoops


Hoop-dancing offers an infinite abundance of possibilities to combine music, body and hoop into a wonderfully harmonious whole. Transcendental FLOW with Solja Now, how exactly do you dance with a Hula Hoop? Of course you can learn Hula-hoop only in ...

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