23rd Antaris Project

30.06.2017 until 03.07.2017 at the Otto Lilienthal/Stölln airfield near Berlin. Once again the ANTARIS is one of the big party highlights of 2017: On 30th of June the four-day-event will open its gates to thousands of guests from all over ...

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VOOV Experience 2016 – Review


Newly ascending and long-time guests came together last year from July 22 to 25, celebrating VooV Experience again. The incomparable spirit was re-created successfully. Renewal And Reunion On the festival ground near Putlitz, located between Hamburg and Berlin, it had ...

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FLOW Festival 2016 Review

The name F.L.O.W. an abbreviation for „Feel Love On Weekend“ reads quite artificial. But that‘s precisely what you got in there. FLOW Festival, an optical, musical and human highlight of the festival summer A quarry as a location for a ...

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Antaris Project 2016 Review

For the 22nd time this year, people of all ages, nations and backgrounds gathered under the emerging full-moon to praise one of the oldest events in the Psytrance-scene. Dancing The Clouds Away Compared with other festivals, ANTARIS will always be ...

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Own Spirit Festival 2016 – review!

own spirit festival

experience the potential garner the spirit the real manifestation of the living consciousness in details April 16–18, 2016 • Barcelona, Spain a review of Own Spirit Festival by DJane Gaby OWN SPIRIT FESTIVAL It‘s quite seldom that we hear from ...

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New Healing 2016

new healing 2016

New Healing – A Collective Inspiration Experience For the 3rd New Healing Festival this year, there are plenty of discoveries for grown-ups and kids. 7 days of music, art and inspiration await, flowing into the Trance weekend to let the ...

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Second Horizon 2016

second horizon

Vico Roots has risked the chance for his dream and gone beyond all obstacles looming upon the path. His vision: To invite us to his own very special fantasy journey “Dreams are lies… get real!” – a sentence which many ...

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At Waldfrieden events, you will be likely to look like a curious little child that’s impressed by its discoveries. The whole location follows a thoughtful concept, therefore offering plenty possibilities to guests. At the same time, the nature-preserving methods conclude ...

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Waldfrieden Wonderland 2016

waldfrieden wonderland

Wonderland 2016 28. – 31.07.2016 – Stemwede-Wehdem, Germany Like in Alice’s dream, Waldfrieden Wonderland lures us in for the 20th anniversary. Its playful world never fails to surprise with the magic of its growing wonders. As 2016 is the year ...

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Antaris Project

No other festival of the Psytrance scene has remained so consistent in name and spirit as: ANTARIS PROJECT This, by now, monumental cult festival will celebrate it´s 22nd birthday on 15th to 18th July 2016. Let´s come together to make ...

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Psy-Fi Festival 2016

psy-fi festival 2016

What if everything — all of us, the world, the universe — was not real? What then is the definition of “real”? What if everything we are, know and do was really just someone’s computer simulation? What if Psy-Fi festival ...

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Flow Festival 2016 – start: June 30 near Vienna

flow festival 2016

Flow Festival 30.06. – 03.07.2016 – Austria At the Austrian FLOW festival, waves of sound lure us into a deep trance, where everything floats to make the summer truly unforgettable The Psytrance community is like a rainbow: Uniting everyone despite ...

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The vegan festival cake with karma

vegan festival

Vegan Festival Cook Martin Svitek aka the “Chief Of Happiness” Aims To Replace Festival Munch Lunch bags, not munch bags! Vegan festival cook Martin Svitek shows why food is karma with a boomerang effect to health Resist The Consumer Trap ...

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Second Horizon: Call for Help!

second horizon help

Second Horizon: Call For Help! Woodworms and camping area guides welcome! For the preparation and build-up of the Second Horizon festival, the crew is still looking for some helpful hands. 🙂 Arrr you ready to become a part of the ...

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Waldfrieden – Hai in den Mai 2016

waldfrieden - Hai in den Mai 2016

Waldfrieden – Hai In den Mai 05.–08.05.2016 – Stemwede-Wehdem Endlich wieder an der frischen Luft feiern: Das internationale Frühlings-Open Air wächst so organisch und formschön wie der Wald und die Wiesen auf den Hügeln drumherum. Nachdem das Festival lange an ...

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New Healing Festival 2016: Preview

new healing festival 2016 circus

During one week a “lakeside camp for the psychedelic family” evolves into a buzzing Trance festival – on one of the best open air locations of the scene. New Healing Festival 2016: What to expect The feedback during the last ...

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