“When I went around the world they asked me, how do you call this music ? And I said, high-tech experimental psychedelic trance, but people remember only Hi-tech” „I am just a small puppet in the universe“ Dark Psy, Hi ...

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Avaloka – Psychedelic Trance mit Herz und Geist


Wenn es ein Trance-Event gibt, das sich von den meisten anderen Goa- oder Psytrance Partys unterscheidet, dann ist das Avaloka, das in mehreren Formen seit sechs Jahren in Österreich stattfindet. Hier stehen nicht Drogen oder nur elektronische Musik im Vordergrund ...

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Buju + Psy-Pix = Vision Scientists

Buju und Psy-Pix

VooV , Waldfrieden Wonderland, Indian Spirit, Burning Mountain and Antaris ­Project: What do these classic festival have in common? All of them were decorated by Buju and Psy-Pix during the past 20 years! Vision Scientist is the latest joint venture ...

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Mr. Pink

Everybody at the big festivals knows Mr. Pink. He is half naked and painted in pink and jumps out the crowd as if he emerged from another dimension. Tens of thousands of festival people have seen him – from Boom, ...

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Antagon – From Metal to Psytrance

Antagon - Soulvision

The differences between Forest, Darkpsy and Hi-Tech, his music, the new album ‘Moksha’, his astonishing musical roots, and his experiences as a Psytrance artist From Metal to Psytrance Where do you see differences between forest, darkpsy and hi-tech? What are ...

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Sator Arepo – Good things come in 3s


(Deviant Force Records) What are the 3 most important elements that make a dance track psychedelic for you? Feeling, deepness, intergalactical dimensions What are the 3 most important skills that make a good DJ? Mixing technique, track selection,­ feeling for ...

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Ultimate Xperience

A true jack of all trades, a true scene veteran, and a truly busy drummer, producer, composer, writer and graphic designer. Meet Kris Kylven, also known as Mr. Ultimate Xperience. You have quite a colourful history as a musician. For ...

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WAIO: Interview on

28 years old Brazilian DJ and producer WAIO discloses­ why he lives in the North of Germany in the first place, talks about his trademark, the difference between scenes and his collection in the making. WAIO: Interview on Why ...

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Antaro – German Mr. Goatrance back in Europe

After Antaro’s short visit in the mushroom headquarters and subsequently digging in our archives the treasure “mushroom magazine June 97” was found. We thought it has been a long time for an interview with the founder of VooV experience and ...

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Laughing Buddha: Interview on

laughing buddha

In this very exciting interview Jeremy aka Laughing Buddha talks about his origins as a Trance musician, his epiphany on the dance floor, the twilight in the middle, and future plans. Laughing Buddha You’ve been around since the early ...

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Astrix New Album after 5 years

Getting to the of things After more than 5 years Astrix just dropped his new album. Apparently the popular Psytrance veteran doesn‘t have to prove himself so much anymore – which might be the reason why ‚‘ sounds both ...

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Life Stories: S>Range talks about his Art

Here’s a great interview with one of the legends of the scene Anthony Sillfors a.k.a S>Range Self-Portrait: Paint your soul! Luca: What influenced you to get into your field? Anthony: Me and my friends went regulary to Underground Rave parties ...

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Psytrance Life Stories: An Interview with Loud

A fabulous interview with LOUD Self-Portrait: Paint your soul! Luca: What influenced you to get into your field? Kobi: Music. Eitan: Probably the feedback you get from people. when I was young I loved seeing people enjoy my art, weather ...

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GOA GIL: An Interview with the Master Magus

Goa Gil is the founding father of the Goa Trance scene, and without him to perpetuate the exclusive sound that is the hallmark of this hypnotic style of music, the art-form would have long since dissipated…buried beneath the sands of ...

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McCoys S.U.N. PROJECT – What live is about

Für deutsche Übersetzung im geschützten Bereich nach unten scrollen Pressing the play button, involuntary stage diving, and the dangers of interacting with the audience. A chat with the Trance rockers known as McCoy’s S.U.N. Project Rob: Live Act – An ...

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Life Stories: Mekkanikka shares some experiences

An insightful interview with Nicolas Oesch aka Mekkanikka Self-Portrait: Paint your soul! Luca: What influenced you to get into your field? Nicolas: The combination of music production, sound designing and the party scene L: As an artist, what role do you ...

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