Miss Verständnis


Corinna has been playing since 2000 already. Out of the initial experimentation phase with chillout, Psy and techno (vinyl), a preference for the early Fullon soon develops. But briefly she dealt with Prog. Enjoy life to the fullest For herself ...

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Goazilla & Tante Darkmar


15–16 years ago I met Bernd for the first time at the famous Huttschenthal parties. Ever since, the Goazilla always bumped into my path. More recently also as Tante Darkmar, which does not leave me cold. Circles are meant to ...

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Wanted: Media Ganesh for mushroom magazine

mushroom magazine is searching for a Media Ganesh on freelancer basis. Would you like to be one of the person who create the web pages, layouts and social media posts for world’s leading Psytrance magazine? We are searching for a media designer ...

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Sometimes it’s like that: You get to know a colleague, find him sympathetic, then over 2–3 seasons many encounters and cut. When we met again on the occasion of this article, the connection reoccurred immediately. But some things still have ...

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Bodypainting – The complete Transformation


Breathtaking artworks on naked skin: At the 20th World Bodypainting Festival in Austria from 24-30th July 2017, the world’s best artists cause surreal encounters. A complete transformation, a body feeling between the surreal and euphoria: That is, what bodypainting promises. ...

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Maik HotZ


A Psy-spirit, who seemed to have “arrived” in the scene with his set on the Fusion in 2006, never satisfied, who rather preferred groupies over fans, was in the middle for years and yet out again, a chameleonized artist. The ...

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The Magic Pill


Life is a continuous journey, a sort of unending mental exploration of consciousness. It is a reflection of countless colours – some dark, some light, some happy, some sad, and just as the sun never fails to rise in the ...

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Callie Fink


Callie Fink’s expression of her journey through life are layered on depictions of pieces of people and objects from other dimensions of consciousness. Mixed Media Art Callie Fink is an self-taught artist from California. Art has always been her way ...

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Djane KiBa


KiBa has been known in the scene for years for her energetic Full-On Sound and has come around a lot. Through the affiliation with Damaru Records, she has now also found her personal label home. From Full-On to Forest When ...

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DJ ShaMane


The ShaMane has been playing since 1996. He too earned his first DJ stripes in the Natraj Temple. Only a few cared for Psychedelic Trance in Munich at the time, therefore in retrospect it does not surprise that he got ...

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23rd Antaris Project

30.06.2017 until 03.07.2017 at the Otto Lilienthal/Stölln airfield near Berlin. Once again the ANTARIS is one of the big party highlights of 2017: On 30th of June the four-day-event will open its gates to thousands of guests from all over ...

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Roberdo asks!

Roberdo asks - copyright-blend-images

Did you know that Goa is the German abbreviation for ‘Geld Ohne Arbeit’, which translates to Money Without Work? It’s a striking feature of this scene: Everyone is free, everyone is happy, everyone is on his or her way to ...

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Solja – Dancing with hoops


Hoop-dancing offers an infinite abundance of possibilities to combine music, body and hoop into a wonderfully harmonious whole. Transcendental FLOW with Solja Now, how exactly do you dance with a Hula Hoop? Of course you can learn Hula-hoop only in ...

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Mademoiselle ChaOz


It is not easy to write about a colleague who has been a friend for years. We have experienced too much together, but we decide: Name says it all She has always been punkrocker and skater, before she landed at ...

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Ace Ventura Beatport Charts

In cooperation with BEATPORT mushroom magazine presents monthly Pytrance charts with embedded Beatport players – this month from Ave Ventura. About Ace Ventura: Ace Ventura is one of the leading and busiest DJs & artists on the progressive and psytrance ...

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Job im Vertrieb (deutsch/englisch)

Das mushroom magazine ist das weltweite führende Szenemagazin für Psychedelic Trance, einer globalen Musikkultur. Der beliebte Psytrance Guide im Pocketformat erscheint seit 1994, ist mittlerweile bilingual in deutsch/englisch, wird europaweit an wichtigen Szenespots vertrieben und von einem starken Internetauftritt ( unterstützt. Außerdem geben wir die ...

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