DJ Sebastian Kos

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He‘s feasting on music: 2 – 4 hours of fresh sound. Every single day. A diet that makes Sebastian Kos a remarkably up-to-date and versatile DJ. Also a good reason why the Swiss is gaining more and more popularity at the moment.

Back in the day, music selection used to be the most important job of a DJ. In face of the ever growing torrent of new sound out there, it seems like this skill is rapidly becoming increasingly important. Swiss DJ Sebastian Kos is a good example: His sets are highly eclectic, they derive ideas, styles, and taste from an extremely broad and diverse range of Psytrance and its subgenres. It‘s no surprise that he is often booked to play during the prime time of a party, as he seems to have a very special knack for playing the right tune at the right moment. Speaking of right tunes: There‘s always a fair share of unreleased tracks in his collection. Spinning records since 1997, he gained great technical precision, frequently playing in the tropical party hotspots of Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Bangkok for the last 12 years added to his sound a feeling of internationality and acidic sexiness. In this respect Sebastian is a perfect match for Antu Records, which he currently represents as a label DJ.

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One impressive example for Sebastian‘s skill is Summer Never Ends Festival 2013, where he hit the spot and sent the 10,000 party heads on the main floor to a most blissful state of mass euphoria. Listening to new music in his home studio for 2 – 4 hours every day and managing an increasingly tight booking schedule is still not enough to keep him occupied. Since 2013 Sebastian Kos is organizing both Psychedelically Family and 7sd parties. The next edition has been announced for April, it will be a joint venture with Xerks Music and will take place in Switzerland. Also watch out for the first chapter of the Psychedelically Family compilation, to be released sometime in the year. In May, Sebastian Kos will play at the Shankara Gathering in Denmark. Later on this year, he can be heard at various international open-airs, including Summer Never Ends Festival. Check out Sebastian‘s SoundCloud for more than 40 hours of fresh sounds!

DJ Sebastian Kos
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