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KiBa has been known in the scene for years for her energetic Full-On Sound and has come around a lot. Through the affiliation with Damaru Records, she has now also found her personal label home.

From Full-On to Forest

When Kiba first appeared behind the CD players, her musical taste had already developed towards Full-On. For years she played tracks from artists such as Menog, Scorb and Spacetribe. While in her eyes and ears Full-On developed into modern pop music, she changed her style towards the psychedelic direction to Forest and Twisted Psy. For gigs she prepares herself by trying out new tracks at home already. So before each set she has the music in her head which suits her set’s time and the party. She especially loves to be in the flow when she can enjoy the tracks’ great parts between the mixes herself and see how the people on the floor feel the same joy.

Djane KiBa

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More about Djane KiBa you can find on the Djane KiBa Facebook page.

12 hours ago

Djane KiBa

... was totally nice to play there❣️

Alice im Wummerland
Aftermovie Wummerland X 🎥 😁

PS: Tickets für Alice im Wummerland präsentiert: "Zurück in den Uhrwald 5" gibt es hier (Anzahl limitiert)
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Alice im Wummerland

2 days ago

Djane KiBa

Djane Set 2night... ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Djane KiBa

Compound - 9Feb 1, 4:00pmWorldwideDamaru V.A. Compilation 2018


ataro (UK) (155BPM)
Nano Bugz (DE) (160BPM)
Nocturne's Creatures (AT) (165 BPM)
Bombax (DE) (170 BPM)
Organoise (SA) (172 BPM)
Nyama (DE) (Loose Connection Rmx / 175 BPM)
Antagon (DE) (175BPM)
Vector ZT (SA) (178 BPM)
Arcek & Hyperactive 25 Freak Records (MEX / CHE) (186BPM)
Pastor JOHN & Selective Mood (SA / AT) (200 BPM)

Compiled by Selective Mood (AT)
Released by Damaru Records (DE)
Mastering By Laurenz Zipacna Upgespaced (AT)
@ Nocturne's Creatures-Studios (AT)
Cover Artwork by Atim ZT (Timothy Jon Hooper) (SA)

Event Link --->

More info soon... Stay Tuned!
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Compound - 9
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