Experiencing the magical outlook of northern India

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The music scene in north indian is ever expanding and is in its developmental stage.the Psychedelic culture is very fast progressing as more and more people are getting exposed to the western cultures.the northern part of india is without any doubt the most beautiful area in india.it is also very much effected by trance music and culture.when you go to the smaller cities and look closely you can catch a glimpse of the culture here.mainly in india,goa is mostly known for parties and raves.but if you want a more refined experience as in spritually and physically I highle reccomend that you visit northern india and I guarantee that it would be the all worth it.places like rishikesh, dehradun, manali, kasol, manala and tosh should be on your maps while you visit.in kasol and parts surroundin kasol there are many psychedelic music gatthering happenings all year round except winters.there are parties in delhi and chandighar also but it is more of a commercial and big city kind of thing.there is also very high quality hash availabhe here which we call sulfa.the environment is also very good there are people visiting from all over the world.


Important Artist from India:
psycho baba


Important Psytrance label from India:
blue moon records


Important Party/Festival label from India:
beyond spirit festival, shiva squad festival, mountain madness


mrinal negi
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