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Senjo Clothing

Senjo Clothing are renowned for their high quality earth wear fashion, offering distinctive basic garments as well as more elaborate designs. Designer Mathilda Oakmeadow aims to provide comfortable garments with a unique tribal twist. Most designs are hand crafted to order, all basic fabrics are created under ecological conditions. Her clothes are worn by bands like OMNIA and Faun and featured in many international magazines.


You can find them at and the newly opened accessory shop at Get 15% discount with „mushroompromo“ in celebration of Senjo Clothing‘s 10-year anniversary!

Senjo Clothing on Facebook

More about Senjo Clothing you can find on the Senjo Clothing Facebook page.

Please help if you can, even if just a few euros. We can not stand by and do nothing in this, so please do what you can! ❤️❤️❤️

I will donate as much as I can from the proceeds from Castlefest next weekend!!
Is a list of organisations working within Syria that needs money to operate. is a list of maybe more Dutch related organisations but have a look!

Original post from Humans of Amsterdam:
Usually I don't share things on this page but like many of us I have been watching the situation in Syria from the outside feeling desperate and unable to do anything. Everything has probably already been said and too little has been done.

I came across Dr. Rabin's story, a man who invested all his time and money in order to give medical care to Syrians. The bus of angels picks them up at the Israeli/Syrian border and brings them to a ''safe zone'' where Doctor Rabin and his team treat them. Their organization is called Amaliah. An initiative which is a small light in the dark.

That is why Humans of Amsterdam will be making a 200 USD donation to their cause. Please consider donating or sharing if you can:

This bus picks up Syrians who need help and takes them to Israel for medical care
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An excellent article with more links to help organisations. The UN has blocked help convoys so it's probably a good idea to donate to organisations that's already within Aleppo.

7 months ago

Senjo Clothing

Dear Dutch friends.. You know those super simple clothes racks that you see on street markets around Holland? Any idea where they find them, or do you maybe have a few to sell/lend/rent?

Its not the wheel kind, but just a very simple metal frame on feet..

Any help appreciated!! 😀
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dutch site tho

Look for them second hand on marktplaats?

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