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Apr 13 – Apr 17 all-day Callus Masia Mas Gras
Welcome to change, welcome to Own Spirit. It´s time to make the world vibrate with our smile, our dance, our conscience. It´s time for a new Own Spirit Festival edition.
Apr 21 @ 12:00 – Apr 24 @ 18:00 Fernihurst, Victoria, Australia
Our deepest gratitude to all of those who contributed their time, energy, and love to this event. This video is dedicated to the countless incredible beings who make up the entirety of this celebration, thank you to all of the site crew, contractors, safety providers, artists, performers, photographers, volunteers, and participants who helped create this experience. We look forward to sharing the space with you all again in 2017 🙂
Apr 28 – May 1 all-day Waldfrieden Events
Next year we will finally swing the fins when the shark from April 28 asks for an audience until 01 May 2017 and opened the next outdoor season trance.
May 18 – May 21 all-day Obstbau, Ruthen, Germany
The Psychedelic Experience Festival situated in the middle of North-East German Mecklenburg, the state also known as the land of the 1000 lakes, this open air is held in a very picturesque environment.
Jun 1 – Jun 5 all-day Exmoor Heritage Coast, North Devon, United Kingdom
Triplicity Festival 2017 is a fully immersive psychedelic music and arts festival taking place in the UK. The Triplicity Tribe includes the positive energy of a number of nomadic souls, organisations and Psytrance communities from across the UK and Europe.
Jun 1 @ 22:00 – Jun 5 @ 13:00 Glaisin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
A circus is filled with fun, laughter, amusement and joy, something that takes you back to the carefree bliss you enjoyed while being a child, this festival aims to present you with that same energy, and madness. Prepare to listen to psychedelic trance magic and meet bizarre and eccentric characters who defy the laws of gravity in daring ways and perform wild caprioles.
Jun 8 – Jun 11 all-day
Ihr Farbenfrohen, tanzenden und lachenden Wurzelkinder,wir können kaum ausdrücken, wie sehr wir uns auf das kommende „Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival“ freuen!
Jun 17 – Jun 18 all-day Flugplatz Tutow, Flughafenring 31, 17129 Tutow
"Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century"
Jun 22 – Jun 25 all-day Klokočov, Vítkov, Czech Republic
Since 2013, Ufo Bufo exists and became one of the the biggest czech psytrance festivals in history. The festival is strictly non-commercial, you will not see any advertisements or sponsor logos, there will we a few carefully selected kiosks with related goods to expand local food and drink menu, as well as psychedelic clothings and accessories.
Jun 23 – Jun 27 all-day Asprovalta, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tree of Life is an international psychedelic music and art festival and is at one of the nicest locations on the planet... and you are beautiful all together. Our mission: to create the perfect transformation into Peace, Unity and Global Respect!!
Jun 23 – Jun 26 all-day Berlin, Deutschland
This three day festival will take you on a sparkling journey, that you can live out on the two dance floors. Located near Berlin, the festival grounds are situated in a forest clearing, where you can hear wonderful psychedelic trance music. One of the dance floors are situated right near a lake, so you can trip and dip at the same time.
Jun 23 @ 15:00 – Jun 25 @ 15:30 Scheltenpass 4719 Mümliswil-Ramiswil Schweiz
Der Schelten, von den Jurassiern La Scheulte genannt, ist ein 15 Kilometer langer Gebirgspass zwischen dem Kanton Jura und dem Kanton Solothurn mit einer Passage auf Berner Territorium, der Mervelier mit Ramiswil verbindet. Die Passhöhe liegt auf einer Höhe von 1'051 m ü. M. DieWestseite des Passes steht auf Berner Boden wo jedes Jahr seit 11 Jahren das Reisefieber Festival statt findet. Das Eventgelände liegt auf einer Wiese in einer kleinen Senke umgeben von Wald. Die einmalige Kulisse gibt dem Reisefieber- Festival den einmaligen Groove.
Jun 24 – Jun 25 all-day
More infos follow soon!
Jun 29 – Jul 2 all-day
A Journey Into the Unknown A unique experience created as an eco-friendly and sustainable initiative - an ad-hoc society built around arts, crafts and culture taking place on the Black Sea coastline on what is known as Tuzla Beach, Constanta, Romania from the 29th June to the 2nd of July 2017.
Jun 29 – Jul 2 all-day Switzerland
The Burning Mountain Festival is a 4 days experience of radical self expression and self commitment. The Burning Mountain Festival is not about consuming, it is about participating. We believe that this peaceful interaction is best achieved through commitment and sharing. The unifying action is dancing. Therefore, music will always be a great part of our culture.
Jun 30 – Jul 3 all-day Airfield Otto Lilienthal
The 23rd edition of Antaris Project will take place from 30 June to 03 July 2017, at the Flugplatz Otto Lilienthal, about 60 km west from Berlin, Germany. The line up for the coming year is WILL BE FOR SURE simply ballistic, and features a list of ace Artists and Djs. SAVE THE DATE!
Jul 6 – Jul 9 all-day Tritolstraße, Eggendorf, Österreich
"FLOW describes the experience of being completely absorbed in an activity. This FLOW festival gives you a chance to interact with the Austrian Psytrance family! This festival is about the synchronization of heart, body and mind into one holistic system that generates vibrant positive emotions.
Jul 7 – Jul 9 all-day Närhilä, Ristiina Finland
Kosmos Festival is a gathering of a wide variety of people. Hypnotic techno shakes hands with freaky suomisoundi. The chill stage has been one of the biggest successes every year. Not a day goes by without next level drum'n'bass or breakbeat.
Jul 12 – Jul 16 all-day Schweiz
Our valley is still vibrating with that incredible energy created by your dancing, swaying bodies and souls, all enhanced with overwhelming kindness and passion. We are beyond thankful to every single one of you who joined our gathering to celebrate LIFE with your beautiful smiles to launch a story which will continue....
Jul 18 – Jul 23 all-day Finnskogen, Hedmark, Norway
We invite you back for the second edition of Álfheimr Festival.
Jul 19 – Jul 23 all-day Rona, Kanton Graubünden, Schweiz
This event opened for the 10th time and the beautiful valley in the swiss alps is transformed into a colorful dreamland which serves as a cocoon for over 10,000 caterpillars, which turn to butterflies and other fleet-footed beings.
Jul 21 – Jul 24 all-day Putlitz, Germany
VooV Experience is an annual music festival with about 10,000 to 20,000 visitors. It was launched in the year 1992 and therefore is one of the oldest rave parties in Germany. Started as a small party with about 100 people it is now one of the biggest rave parties in Europe. 25th VOOV - LET'S VOOV TOGETHER!
Jul 24 @ 13:00 – Jul 30 @ 21:00 Primislje, Croatia
Time flies when you're having fun! And we are still trying to grasp the fact that it’s time for sixth edition of Mo:Dem Festival. We certainly didn’t come so far on our own, and first we want to bow and thank all those people who have helped us to achieve all we have done so far. THANK YOU!
Jul 31 – Aug 6 all-day Igar, Hungary
Festival season is spreading its summer-fanned wings, countdown time is getting more and more exciting. But we are not only looking forward to sharing some amazing moments with old and new friends at the upcoming gatherings.
Aug 3 – Aug 7 all-day Spengla, 60km south from Vilnius, Lithuania
Welcome to the digital temple of Yaga The Ring! Four days wonder in Lithuanian woods will open it’s gate to diversity of world-views, mindsets and artistic expression. Atmosphere filled with love, joy, respect, knowledge and arts will give an opportunity to jump out of the box and join the Ring.
Aug 3 – Aug 7 all-day
The rumour is true! Great news! Eclipse Festival will be held in 2017, next August 3-7!
Aug 8 – Aug 13 all-day
Samsara Festival Europe - New home – same old vibe & spirit. Still no crowd, no dust. No monuments. No sponsors, no investors. Just us, Samsarians. And the best psybient lineup on this planet.
Aug 8 – Aug 14 all-day
Bi annually Freedom is the culmination of a creative and collective energy. Edition after edition there are new challenges for cooperation and synergy between design, construction, programming and organization. 2017 will be the 11 anniversary of the birth of the festival, an additional responsibility to the global community of travelers visiting Portugal.
Aug 10 – Aug 15 all-day Tramonti di Sotto
Following the path bonding us with Mother Earth, Sonica is celebrating along 6 days of music, art & magic, in harmony with nature and all tribes of the globe. An harmonic flow of energy aligned with the universal bio-rhythm of physical, intellectual and emotional cycles that alternate between daylight and nocturnal frequencies.
Aug 12 – Aug 13 all-day Germany
Die Indianer kommen zurück. 😉
Aug 14 – Aug 20 all-day Felsenhagen, Kümmernitztal, Germany
The New Healing Festival’s forth edition is slotted to run between 14th Aug to 20st Aug, 2017, near Felsenhagen in the Kümmernitztal region. The sustainable experience camp promises a festival week with lots of music, art, inspiration, and for the weekend, a unique open-air-highlight amidst the beauty of nature and family spirit.
Aug 18 – Aug 21 all-day
Celebrate summer with us! Blackmoon 2017 located in Italy!
Aug 22 – Aug 28 all-day Barragem de Montargil, Portugal
ZNA Gathering 2017 Retro Futuristic Celebration, in Portugal - the virtual doors already opened! The ZNA Crew, feeling a different flow of time at ZNA headquarters, decided to already make a design and plan for ZNA Gathering 2017. A plan, born within an universe where breathing, thinking and living is directly connected to the moment called Retro Futuristic Celebration.
Aug 22 @ 09:00 – Aug 28 @ 23:45 Ponte de Sor, Portugal
They are the result of careful thinking. We try to balance the need for financial sustainability as a fully legal, independent festival and a fair, affordable entrance ticket. All we wish is to be able to evolve in every aspect, so all possible proceeds will be directed towards the continuation of this project. So: more space, more Art, more comfort....
Aug 23 – Aug 27 all-day Teufelshof nähe Berlin
The Sacred Garden Open Air Festival will burst into life from 23th August -27th August 2017. The festival will be held near Berlin, Germany, and it’s a meditative experience that the entire family can enjoy.
Aug 24 – Aug 27 all-day Flughafen Zweibrücken
Celebrate 2017 with us! Nexus Festival 2017 located in Germany near Zweibrücken, Rheinland Pfalz. We are proud to announce the very first edition of Nexus Festival! Four days and three nights filled with music on one outdoor and two indoor floors.
Aug 24 – Aug 27 all-day Waldfrieden Events
Waldfrieden a unique summer festival! A lot of different styles of psytrance and much more to hear and see!
Aug 30 – Sep 4 all-day
Last Chance To Trance Because Of Dance Not Because Of Drugs
Sep 26 – Oct 2 all-day Batán de las Monjas
“Connection” born in 2013. The last open air festival of the season and the celebration of the anniversary of Red Dust as a collective of Trance. A festival dedicated to the two greatest feelings that make the world go round: love and music. Merging bodies and souls through the sounds you love.
Oct 6 – Oct 15 all-day
Samsara Himalaya Edition 2017, embracing Bir International Yoga Festival conducted by AryaMarga Yoga will be a new platform for bringing together yoga and psybient music lovers desiring health and joy from all over the world.
Nov 23 – Nov 27 all-day Freddys Lane, Pyalong, Victoria, Australia
for the ones that dream of stranger worlds come play dance dance away be the art children of the sun live a life you will remember Earthcore
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