Freedom Festival celebrates its 10th birthday

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Freedom Festivals’ 10th Birthday Bash!

The Freedom Festival which celebrated its 10.birthday is an event, into which the organisers put a lot of lifeblood, in order to created a temporary place for fantastic psychedelic experiences.

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I had expected the scorching Portuguese heat but got a warm relaxed climate through the day instead and at night an unobstructed view on the milky way, almost every hour filled with sound by an awesome Funktion One sound. One may think about quick DJ-/artist changes what one may, but on a day when more than 15 acts exchanged headphones it will certainly not get boring since the timetable had been composed very harmonious music-wise and one’s head could switch into trance status without noteworthy aid while being soundly flashed too. And since the sound on the stage was unbelievably fierce, it’s my impression that the acts were performed very much extra special.

Freedom Festivals’ Music!

Also apart from the main floor there was a lot to be discovered. In the Chill Out a transgressive rarified mix from DJ sound and live music wanted us to discard the main floor Psytrance dogma, while at the Ufo-landing site of Buddha Beach – the one with the purchased sand – we were waiting for the galactic visit with progressive sound.

Having Portuguese sun guarantee and this wonderfully spacious location the Freedom Festival has established itself for the boom free years with the uneven dates as a constant.

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And who still wants sightseeing afterwards should really see the historic city of Elvas only a few miles from the location with medieval flair, castle and the whole knick-knack.

Freedom Festival, it was nice and we shall gladly return for 2017.


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