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They met as DJs, they united their CD cases, their lives and their passions: Luca & Jazzmine are the creative couple behind the label Blue Hour Sounds, which they represent through solo and B2B DJ sets. We had an exclusive peek into their current music collection.

In the case of…Jazzmine & Luca

Asimilon – Free Energy (Flooting Grooves Remix) [Blue Hours Sounds]
A beautiful, crazy morning track with a retro feeling but going full power. Jazzmine uses it very often in her morning sets, it adds the right madness to the dancefloor.

Gido – Orange Sunshine [Unreleased]

A track from his upcoming album with the same name. Another morning smasher, never stopping. Groovy psychedelia. The whole album has accompanied us through the entire summer season 2016.

Peyo & Gaiana – Sine Reflections [Blue Hours Sounds]
Warm, dreamy, with the elements of two of our favourite producers. We have played this one at Boom and Ozora already – every time we put it on, it sends shivers down our spine and makes us fall in love again.

Once Upon A Time – Voice Of The Gods [Blue Hours Sounds]
This song has a strong statement. It is unpredictable (something we love), funny, playful and works both in the night and early morning hours. Imagine a full orchestra playing a wild and crazy symphony!

Archaic – Aromatic Roots [Blue Hours Sounds]
It’s deep, emotional, and gives us goosebumps every time we hear it. Something you definitely want to play as soon as the sun is showing up. One of the most technical tracks ever made, right out of the magic hat. This track was also part of our set at Boom 2016.

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