KRAMA: new two-track EP

To start off the year Krama is pushing out a two-track EP on Spintwist.

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5 months ago


Terratronic Open Air was AMAZING

SB (Season Bookings) Spin Twist Records

VIDEO BY Lucas Caparroz Films
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Mythodea σκοτώνει...

Michael Vinícius

Estava nesse front igual na sala da minha casa, super a vontade. Maik Barbosa Hill Werneck Aluan Silva Atila Dos Anjos Michael Vinícius 😂

Yuri Almeida Diego Fernandes Diego Martins

Que somzeraaa da porra

Frederik Due Bjerregaard ❤️

Crispin Samano

Dimitris Krama you always rock man

made in greece.....


Nice Man, congratulations 😘

Só quem tv tá ligado Eryck Ronald

só as tracks que eu amoo... pena que eu perdi 🙁

Esse cara é PHODA Hudson Sobrinho😍

Camila Oliveira

Festaço da Porra, Essa Hora Eu Tava Jogado La Atras da Festa, Morto .

It was outstanding! Your set was amazing, very emotional to me!

Mprabo re alani m musikares pezeis !!!!

Sonzeira demais



Like a boss!

O cara representa, orquestra de trance,pisa muito Crazy 😎.

2:02... when ever the drop of Plutonium hits, i can't hold it any longer! One of the best psytrance songs of all time! 💖

Joao Vitor Oliveira

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6 months ago


On my way to Airbeat One Festival
Friday 17:00 rocking the place🤘 😎

#airbeat #airbeatone #krama #PowerProgressiveTrance
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On my way to Airbeat One Festival 
Friday 17:00 rocking the place🤘 😎

#airbeat #airbeatone #krama #PowerProgressiveTranceImage attachment


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❤😍Rock it...

Kala na peraseis Dimitri kai spastaaaa!!!

México city ???

Juan Manuel Miranda

Cy later

Killer was da ab geht ! Wünsche ganz Doll viel Spaß 💋

KRAMA 👆💪👑🙏

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7 months ago


Master of Elements is out now!Subscribe to Spin Twist: Check out Spin Twist Music Radio on Spotify: Clickhere to Stream/... ... See MoreSee Less

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Visit to listen free or buy the track here:

Master !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

τι ωραία μουσική

Sergio Hansen Fríði Johan Jacobsen

Andi Cerveza Moritz Bitva

mitsara didakses ksanaaaaaaa



megaleee mitsaraa maaasss...

De Lirium Tremens

I love this track, its so heavy👊🎧

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