Mademoiselle ChaOz

It is not easy to write about a colleague who has been a friend for years. We have experienced too much together, but we decide:

Name says it all

mademoiselle-chaoz-psytrance-partyShe has always been punkrocker and skater, before she landed at techno. Later, she was lucky enough to have the legendary Natraj Temple in Munich almost on the doorstep, a great club, not exactly to be expected in Bavaria lasting for many years. Saskia had been collecting music for years, and at some point got forced to play by friends which now is 11 years ago. A specific shove she received from her close friends from Hamburg, Ilse (Parvati Rec.) and Gil, which resulted in her first official gig being in Hamburg.

The women cliché

The Mademoiselle frankly admits that at the beginning the woman bonus might have helped to enter the scene. Later, it became rather annoying, because her focus is on music, specifically crazed and forward-driving music. At the time, there were no such terms as “dark”, but as to style she was thus well prepared.

What’s going on?

One year and a half ago, Mademoiselle Chaoz joined Deviant Forces Records. Which of course helps her to get judged better musically. Sure enough, the label was male-dominated, but together with Yara, she stirs up the bunch positively and inspirationally. Perhaps one day she realizes her dream of producing music herself, if she somehow overcomes her lack of time and impatience. Yet it is more likely, that someone gives a shove again.

mademoiselle chaOz

Mademoiselle ChaOz on Facebook

More about Mademoiselle ChaOz you can find on the Mademoiselle ChaOz Facebook page.

1 week ago

Mademoiselle ChaOz comes a special treat from Deviant Force Records ...malkaviam - subliminal ep for free...yummy!!!!😎👏❤️

Deviant Force Records
Free to download gift in 24bit digital best quality to all supporters and deviant lovers. Big thanks to Malkaviam!!!
Enjoy and spread the word!!!
May the force be with you!!! Stay deviant!!!
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Deviant Force Records

1 week ago

Mademoiselle ChaOz

...the countdown is on...looking forward!!!🚀😎❤️

Abgesagt! Nexus Festival - FerropolisAug 24, 6:00pmFerropolis, 06773 Gräfenhainichen, DeutschlandNexus - Electronic Music & Arts Festival
Psytrance - Drum & Bass - Techno & more!
24.08.2017 - 27.08.2017
Ferropolis "Stadt aus Eisen", Germany

We are proud to announce the very first edition of Nexus Festival!
Four days and three nights filled with music on three outdoor floors. Every stage will have its own special decoration and guaranteed high quality sound powered by Funktion One.
Stay with your friends and the Nexus family at the camping area with your tent or caravan. Experience a wide selection of side activities during daytime. Beautiful pieces of art can be discovered everywhere around the festival site.

Pandora - Psytrance

@[232605870086688:274:Antagon] - @[1670703939862622:274:AntHill] - @[588215444543119:274:Ascent] - Aumni - Bombax - BionicBabas - @[127214297356376:274:Boom Shankar] - Buzz - @[221626167864634:274:Daksinamurti] - Damnedge - Damzah - Fluoelf - Guwanej - Hefty - Hu Gadam - @[143735488977749:274:Kala] - Kimikly - Kimmei - Mademoiselle Chaoz - @[269677323148150:274:Manmachine] - Mechanical Species - Merry:) - Mico X - MPF - @[175201139192638:274:Mutterkorn] - @[784978201529702:274:Patara / Koma Kommune] - Psypha - Purist - Radzy - Sabretooth - Sequoya - @[130296687007350:274:DJ sG4rY] - Siebenschlæfer - Soraya - Südrausch - @[184139444952226:274:TaktTrauma] - @[1555761144693214:274:The Key] - @[539756639545585:274:Val Vashar]- @[260148787340690:274:Via Axis] - @[20486358151:274:Virtual Light] - Yudhisthira

Calypso - Drum & Bass

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Taris - Chill & Techno

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@[1405079009719350:274:Jamas - Decorations] - @[439416449439434:274:Locus Pocus Deco] - @[410406372393215:274:Lunar Deco] - @[525644014244776:274:LunoSol]

Funktion-One sounddesign
@[1823265967899012:274:positive vibrations Beschallungstechnik]

More information and lineup announcements coming soon!


The event will be for adults only. This means you have to be at least 18 years old when the event starts. Pets and all kinds of animals have to stay at home and can't access the festival site. Homophobia, sexism and racism will not be tolerated!

We need you! Regardless if it’s for constructing or deconstructing, at the parking spaces or at the festival area. Every motivated and reliable help is welcome!
Get in touch:

Grab your ticket now:
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Abgesagt! Nexus Festival - Ferropolis
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