Did you notice that we have the word „mushroom’ even two times on our front page? Yes, its true- have a very close look at that floating form again The name of our little magazine has been psychedelically twisted in such a wonderful way by 25-year old André Maia from beautiful Portugal, also known as meskalART.

Having experience with painting graffiti, a very deep passion for Psychedelic Arts in general and an education as multimedia designer in his back, the young man draws inspiration from diverse sources. But also everyday life is full of exciting details to discover for him. Correspondingly interesting is his work: As a freelance graphic designer he is not a virgin sheet of paper within the Trance scene, being responsible for numerous flyer and cover artworks. By the way, if André realizes he is having a bad day and is not making progress with his work, he still tries to improve some detail or to learn something new not to waste time.

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Posted by mushroom magazine on Wednesday, November 16, 2016