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Nano Records

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NANO Records doesn’t make it easy for itself. Rather than restricting themselves to a certain style, the label chooses to focus more on putting out quality productions without boundaries, thereby pushing the global standard for Psytrance.

Nano Records

UK artists Magik and James West as well as Brazilian Earthspace are the most recent examples for this venture. It‘s always inspiring to see the unbroken euphoria of NANO‘s Regan, who‘s looking back on 20 years of DJ career: “Tristan is bang on it right now with some utterly relentless but groovy, deep Goa beats. We have a series of massive EPs from Avalon and Circuit Breakers (Dickster & Burn in Noise) happening this year. We have the new album from Loud which is really special – those guys are such risk takers, that‘s what I admire about them more then anything! We also have a huge South African compilation, a real showcase of some awesome talent coming from the tip of Africa. The Future Frequency (Avalon & Sonic Species) album is almost done and is sure to turn some heads too! And there is so much more on the way…”

Celebrating 10 years of LOUD

Tribal music and cultures feature heavily on the new Loud album, “5 Billion Stars”, released in July. Eitan Reiter & Kobi Toledano have skipped the trends and focused on making a beautiful and unique album that tells a special global story. Loud have gone deep, mixing self-recorded ambience and acoustic sounds from around the world with live jammed analogue synths to capture magical moments. This summer they will perform their special full band set ‚Loud Band‘ at Boom Festival, while their “Loud in Dub” set makes it‘s European debut at Ozora Festival!

LOUD at Flow Festival

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