National Weed Day!

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Every year on April 20th pot-supporters unite to celebrate National Weed Day. The numbers “420” or “4:20” or “4/20” may not jangle any bells for those who shun weed, however, these numbers are really common in a Marijuana lover’s dictionary.

The true origins of the term are now obscured  both by time, and by rumors mills, hence no one really knows how the term evolved, but there’s one story that seems to be the most likely candidate; In the 70’s a group of high-school students gathered to smoke weed at 4.20 p.m. These students called themselves ‘The Waldos’ and they used 420 as a code to denote their activity, they used the word so often, that it soon became a thing.

The other theories are as follows:

  1. 420 is California’s penal code section for marijuana use
  2. 420 is the police radio code for smoking pot,
  3. The day commemorates the death of Bob Marley/Jimi Hendrix /Janis Joplin
  4. April 20th is the best day to plant weed.
  5. Hitler’s birthday
  6. 420 denotes the number of chemicals in weed
  7. 420 is the number of the bill in the U.S. Congress for MJ legalization

The list goes on, and each year, creative people add their own theories…we’re just glad there’s a National Weed Day, and we can’t wait for it to be completely legalized across the entire planet, after all as Timothy Leary said, “They’ve outlawed the No. 1 vegetable on the planet.”

Here’s a couple of weed songs to get you into a mellow mode:

This one’s a funny  video, not a song, but it contains a number of words that some viewers might find objectionable, please consider yourself warned:

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