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Ovnimoon is psy progressive/psy-trance project created by Hector Stuardo, born in Santiago de Chile in 1979. 

His story began in the years 96-97 when as a DJ. In 2001 he decided to begin experimenting with his own songs and soon after he performed on his first festival “Earth Dance” in Chile. 
Ovnimoon has participated in several important events in his country, being considered an ambassador of Chilean trance music. Playing in venues like Earthdance Chile, Chile Love Parade, Monte Mapu Festival and endless festivals throughout his hometown “Santiago”.



The Key - Spiritual Transformations ( Ovnimoon Records )

Ovnimoon - Invocation ( Unr )

Ra - Touch a Star ( Suntrip Rec)

Spirit Architect - Megatron 2016 ( Dacru rec )

Omnivox - Parallel Spaces ( Unr - Ovnimoon rec )

Declaration of Unity - Insight ( Ovnimoon Rec )

Spiritual Mode - Inside You ( Unr )

3 Access & You ( with Aerotek ) - Machine ( Lost Language Rec )

Celestial Intelligence - infinity ( Global Sect )

Hedustma and Barby - Virus ( Unreleased )

1 day ago

Ovnimoon Chile

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La vieja escuela 👌🏽👏🏽

Disfrutando el set quemando la bless 🔊🔊🔊🕉🕉🕉🕉


Warming up ; )

Hola Ovni

Lo mejor bro

Con calorsh!! Pero el trance no falta.


Orra tava aqui brisando na tela no net flix agora tô numa live do ovnimoon direto do sofá de casa vou até bola um pra acompanhar daquele jeito hauhaua


hey. first time i get to watch a livestream of you!! love from germany!!

man great vibes just continue for a while please. 🙂

Very good the songs, nice brother... <3

Eso, eso!!!

Anne vc curte este mestre ai? 😀

Lit !

🙂 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👽

Spirit zone!!!!

Nice stuff man

Vai coroa sai fora mesmo pra min bola a vela

good old sound

very nice

<3 nice nice nice!!!

Tô transcendendo aqui do sofá da coroa

O cara tem um quarto místico

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1 day ago

Ovnimoon Chile

My First album! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

My First album!

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make a new track like ''I Love You''

Gr33ts from Athens Greece

1 day ago

Ovnimoon Chile

do u have some of them???
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do u have some of them???

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quiero!!! viejo envios a México? o donde puedo adquirir uno por acá!!! Saludos!! tambien me gustaria del proyecto Om aka Ovnimoon

Transmutation of the mind is INCREDIBLE!!!

I have all!!!

i have 3


Hermano, haces envíos a México? Quiero playeras

Mándame unos a México!

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