Psy Agency


Diversity in music – The end of boredom. These two guys from North Germany do not stick to the rules.

Psy Agency – Diversity wins

PromoThe style of Psy Agency can take very different directions. It’s a radical approach, audacious even. Which is probably the very reason why it is a winning approach, as the duo keeps proving ever since they released their debut album on Geomagnetic in 2014. One illustrious example is their gig last Easter at Club Zeitgeist in Austria. During the set of Psy Agency the ecstatic euphoria on the dance floor turned into something that can best be described as the trance dance version of a punk rock concert. So what are these guys up to next, somewhere between 143 and 148 beats per minute? Well, there’s a damn catchy Ghostbusters remix coming up which the two of them will play exclusively in their live sets. There’s a recent EP on Monkey Business, and they’ll be part of the next label compilation, as well. Yes, looks like there’s some more radically good times ahead!

Psy Agency

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