Psy-Fi Festival 2015

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27.08. – 31.08.2015 – Leeuwaarden • Netherlands

The guardians of Psy-Fi land are on the verge of blasting open the gates to psychedelic nirvana. The festival grounds located in Leeuwarden, Netherlands showcases the most spectacular goodies offered by mother earth; lush forests, carpets of green meadows, honey-hued beaches and islands.

A mind boggling number of guests – 15.000 are expected to attend…prepare to dance yourself into liquid bliss under the influence of music belted out by the finest line-ups of the summer. Expect only the best Artists and Djs from a wide range of psychedelic genres.

As one of the most anticipated festivals of this season, tickets are sure to be sold out before the event starts. The healing area is bigger and naturally better this year. Plus there’s going to be plenty of fascinating lectures, talented healers, and informative workshops on a number of topics, all spread out across the Sacred Island.

A note to green-spirits looking for some ganja-gold, Leeuwarden is home to “Repelsteeltje” one of the best coffee shops, be sure to check this place out. Repelsteeltje is also setting up a headshop at the festival itself…the good news never ends. AND there’ll be art installations, magic forests, a masquerade ball, an international market street and tons of super deco…it’s going to be an insane trip! Don’t miss this flight.

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