Psy-Fi Festival 2016

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What if everything — all of us, the world, the universe — was not real? What then is the definition of “real”? What if everything we are, know and do was really just someone’s computer simulation? What if Psy-Fi festival 2016 — is real?

Psy–Fi Festival 2016: Holographic Universe

from 24. August 2016
to 28. August 2016
in Leeuwarden, Netherlands


Quite a phenomenon: Psy-Fi didn‘t appear out of nowhere, but the sudden rise in popularity of the Dutch festival during the 2015 open air season can best be described as explosive.

psy-fi festival 2016

Were it the aerial shots of the venue which showed an island world that looks like from a fantasy movie? The thoroughly solid lineup? The liberal laws of the Netherlands?
Be that as it may, the last edition of Psy-Fi was a blast. In consequence, it‘s now ranking high on the bucket lists of Psy punters and has a great reputation among international artists like e.g. Astrix, who mentions the open air in the interview we ran with him for this issue.

Psy-Fi Festival 2016: And even more awesomness

In face of this success it‘s refreshing to see how the promoters are still aware of the light and the shadow, and how they react to it: „This year, our focus is on making it a more comfortable experience compared to the last editions, for example more and cleaner toilets, more space on the campsites, better traffic control to avoid long waits at the gates.“
Apart from these infrastructural improvements Psy-Fi wants to keep up its reputation as a very special experience: „There‘s more live shows, like Juno Reactor, Eat Static, Kaya Project, Ott and The All Seeing I. In the day and evenings we are fully blasting and focussing on dance, in the nights we are focussing more on meditation and integrating the day. We changed the main stage deco team and we are very excited to work with Artescape from South Africa this year. They produce the most amazing stages and dance floors we‘ve ever seen!“

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