Psytrance Festivals 2017


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Summer Never Ends Festival 2017 – Switzerland

When: 19.Jul 2017 – 23.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Rona, Kanton Graubünden, Schweiz

This event opened for the 10th time and the beautiful valley in the swiss alps is transformed into a colorful dreamland which serves as a cocoon for over 10,000 caterpillars, which turn to butterflies and other fleet-footed beings.

openmind festival

Openmind Festival 2017 – Canada

When: 19.Jul 2017 – 23.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: 44 Chemin du Petit Canada E, La Patrie, QC J0B 1Y0, Kanada

Openmind Festival 2017! Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Once a year Projets OpenMind Crew presents us the Openmind Festival located in Canada near to Sherbooke!

Freedom Festival 2017 – Portugal

When: 08.Aug 2017 – 14.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: São Gião, 3400, Portugal

Bi annually Freedom is the culmination of a creative and collective energy. Edition after edition there are new challenges for cooperation and synergy between design, construction, programming and organization. 2017 will be the 11 anniversary of the birth of the …

Sonica Festival 2017 – Italy

When: 10.Aug 2017 – 15.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Tramonti di Sotto, 33090 Tramonti di Sotto PN, Italien

Following the path bonding us with Mother Earth, Sonica is celebrating along 6 days of music, art & magic, in harmony with nature and all tribes of the globe. An harmonic flow of energy aligned with the universal bio-rhythm of …

Sacred Garden 2017 – Germany

When: 23.Aug 2017 – 27.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Teufelshof nähe Berlin

Das Sacred Garden Festival 2017 bietet eine spirituelle meditative Erfahrung für die ganze Familie. EssentiaXperience ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein zur Förderung von Bewußt-Sein(s)-Bildung-Kunst und Kultur. Der Zweck des Vereins ist die Schaffung von Repräsentationsmöglichkeiten für Künstler sowie Bewußtseins- und Kulturschaffende. …

Universo Paralello 2017/2018 – Brazil

When: 27.Dec 2017 – 03.Jan 2018 all-day
Where: Praia do Pratigi, Ituberá, Brasilien

Have a fantastic exotic festival near the equator and celebrate the new years eve on psychedelic brazilian style. This festival could change your life! Universo Paralello 2017/2018 – Upgrade your Passion for Psytrance 15 years ago a small New Year´s …

Funny Moon Festival 2017 – Czech Republic

When: 12.Jul 2017 – 16.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Karlovarský Kraj, Czech Republic

A platform for upcoming DJs, live acts and all sorts of artists from around the globe and meet up in nature, share music, art work and our experiences together and lastly to enjoy a nice festival under the stars Funny …

Psychedelic Experience 2017 – Germany

When: 18.May 2017 – 21.May 2017 all-day
Where: Obstbau, Ruthen, Germany

The Psychedelic Experience 2017 situated in the middle of North-East German Mecklenburg, the state also known as the land of the 1000 lakes, this open air is held in a very picturesque environment. Psychedelic Experience 2017 – The Intergalactic Psytrance …

O.Z.O.R.A Festival 2017 – Hungary

When: 31.Jul 2017 – 06.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Igar, Hungary, Igar

Festival season is spreading its summer-fanned wings, countdown time is getting more and more exciting. But we are not only looking forward to sharing some amazing moments with old and new friends at the upcoming gatherings. O.Z.O.R.A Festival 2017 – …

Antaris Project 2017 – Germany

When: 30.Jun 2017 – 03.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Airfield Otto Lilienthal

The 23rd edition of Antaris Project will take place from 30 June to 03 July 2017, at the Flugplatz Otto Lilienthal, about 60 km west from Berlin, Germany. The line up for the coming year is WILL BE FOR SURE simply …

Burning Mountain Festival 2017 – Switzerland

When: 29.Jun 2017 – 02.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Switzerland, Zernez, Zernez, Schweiz

The goal of the Festival is all about community and culture. It’s an open canvas where you can leave your marks. It’s a social survival camp. As our social life is transforming more and more into a digital way, we …

FLOW Festival 2017 – Austria

When: 06.Jul 2017 – 09.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Tritolstraße, Eggendorf, Österreich

Das österreichische Flow Festival hat sich während der letzten Jahre vom absoluten Geheimtipp zu einem der beliebtesten Festivals entwickelt. Trotz steigender Beliebtheit ist es aber auch eines der wenigen Open-Airs, das sich seinen familiären Charakter bewahren konnte. Die Mainfloor Deko …

New Healing Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 14.Aug 2017 – 20.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Felsenhagen, Kümmernitztal, Germany, Felsenhagen

The New Healing Festival’s forth edition is slotted to run between 14th Aug to 20st Aug, 2017, near Felsenhagen in the Kümmernitztal region. The sustainable experience camp promises a festival week with lots of music, art, inspiration, and for the …

Psy-Fi 2017 – Netherlands

When: 16.Aug 2017 – 20.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: De Groene Ster, 8926 XE Leeuwarden, Netherland, De Groene Ster, 8926 Leeuwarden, Niederlande
shankra festival


When: 12.Jul 2017 – 16.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Schweiz, Lostallo, Schweiz

SHANKRA FESTIVAL offers you a five-day experience in an uplifting natural ambient below the summer sky, to celebrate life connecting with people from all over the world. Enjoy the SHANKRA FESTIVAL!

Second Horizon Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 23.Jun 2017 – 26.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: Berlin, Deutschland, 15749 kiekebusch

This three day festival will take you on a sparkling journey, that you can live out on the two dance floors. Located near Berlin, the festival grounds are situated in a forest clearing, where you can hear wonderful psychedelic trance …

VooV Experience 2017 – Germany

When: 21.Jul 2017 – 24.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Putlitz, Germany

VooV Experience is an annual music festival with about 10,000 to 20,000 visitors. It was launched in the year 1992 and therefore is one of the oldest rave parties in Germany. Started as a small party with about 100 people …

SimSalaBoom Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 28.Jul 2017 – 30.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Menkendorf, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, Menkendorf, 19294 Grebs-Niendorf, Deutschland

“Since the beginning , our goal is to bring you our view of a relaxed being together closer , we want to offer more than heartless commercialism Festival , we invite you to a party with friends. The mix of …

Solar United Natives 2017

When: 20.Jul 2017 – 24.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Hungary, Nógrád, Ungarn

“We are an open community that welcomes everyone sharing the same values and mentality.” Solar United Natives (S.U.N) S.U.N is a psychedelic event with a difference, more a community than an event, this initiative works to preserve the true spirit …

Samsara Himalaya Edition 2017 – India – postponed to fall 2017

When: 06.Oct 2017 – 15.Oct 2017 all-day
Where: Bir, Himachal Pradesh 176077, Indien

Samsara Himalaya Edition 2017, embracing Bir International Yoga Festival conducted by AryaMarga Yoga will be a new platform for bringing together yoga and psybient music lovers desiring health and joy from all over the world. Samsara Himalaya Edition 2017 – …

connection festival

Connection Festival 2017 – Spain

When: 26.Sep 2017 – 02.Oct 2017 all-day
Where: Batán de las Monjas

Connection Festival 2017 From the depths of a forest clearing, classic Goa shakes the soil. The smell of changa lingers in the air. Hidden in the arid, rugged landscape that surrounds Seville lies the goasis that is Connection festival – …

Transition 2017: Psychedelic Trance Festival – Spain

When: 10.May 2017 – 15.May 2017 all-day
Where: Doñana Natural Park Almonte, Spain, 21730 Almonte, Huelva, Spanien

Transition Festival is dedicated to explore the existential limits and is open to all kind of public, but specially to people really interested in their spiritual growth and human development. Help yourself to confront your life, to heal old bleeding …

Wonderland Festival 2017

When: 24.Aug 2017 – 27.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Waldfrieden Events, Bergstraße 32, 32351 Stemwede, Deutschland

Free Mind, respect Nature

Hai in den Mai 2017

When: 28.Apr 2017 – 01.May 2017 all-day
Where: Waldfrieden Events, Bergstraße 32, 32351 Stemwede, Deutschland

Hai in den Mai is calling again! Waldfrieden Events opens the gates once more to invite every psychedelic enthusiast to its Open Air Trance Festival in a beautiful mountainous location between the trees.

ancient trance festival

Ancient Trance Festival 2017 -Germany

When: 11.Aug 2017 – 13.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Schöppenteich, Taucha

Ancient Trance Festival 2017 Auf den Spuren der Schamanen verbinden sich verschiedenste traditionelle Sounds – und führen über die alten ethnischen Wurzeln zu sehr moderner ekstatischer Weltenmusik.

Solstice Festival 2017 – Netherlands

When: 24.Jun 2017 – 25.Jun 2017 all-day
Orange Sun Festival 2016 Open Air

Orange Sun Festival 2017 Open Air

When: 07.Jul 2017 – 09.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Burgwall in Menkendorf
Álfheimr Festival

Álfheimr Festival 2017 – Norway

When: 18.Jul 2017 – 23.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Finnskogen, Hedmark, Norway

Álfheimr Festival 2017 Norway is winter, Norway is dark! But in August, Norway is summer, and it’s bright almost the whole night! This year feel invited to participate in co-creating the first edition of Álfheimr Festival – with Forestpsy on …

Sommernachtstraum 2016 photo by akisutra projekt

ForRest Explosion Sommernachtstraum Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 16.Jun 2017 – 18.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: ForRest Explosion, Kieskuhle Zapel

Hey Folks, we have some very unique and new information about the Sommernachtstraum Festival 2017. After long proceedings with the local parish and public authorities we manage to celebrate in 2015 from 16th June to 18th June 2017. Sommernachtstraum Festival …

earthcore 2017

Earthcore 2017

When: 23.Nov 2017 – 27.Nov 2017 all-day
Where: Freddys Lane, Pyalong, Victoria, Australia, Freddys Ln, Pyalong VIC 3521, Australien

for the ones that dream of stranger worlds come play dance dance away be the art children of the sun live a life you will remember… earthcore 2017 summer dreaming

UFO BUFO Festival 2017 – Czech Republic

When: 22.Jun 2017 – 25.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: Klokočov, Vítkov, Czech Republic

Since 2013, Ufo Bufo Festival exists and became one of the the biggest czech psytrance festivals in history. The Ufo Bufo Festival is strictly non-commercial, you will not see any advertisements or sponsor logos, there will we a few carefully …

Triplicity Festival 2017 – United Kingdom

When: 01.Jun 2017 – 05.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: Monmouthshire, Wales, UK
sacred earth

Sacred Earth 2017 – USA

When: 09.Jun 2017 – 12.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: 10289 Koester Springs Rd, French Village, MO 63036, USA

Celebrate Sacred Earth 2017! Sacred Earth Open-Air is a gift that we all give to each other. Come celebrate this phenomenon of the cosmos as The Chilluminati continues in our twelfth year of bringing psychedelic trance music, tradition and culture …

Wao festival

WAO Festival 2017 – Italy

When: 19.Jul 2017 – 23.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Monte Peglia, Central Italia

WAO Festival 2017 An Environmental Awareness event is the most effective way to offer to the younger generation a concrete example of how to live a life while respecting the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. Permaculture is an …

Kosmos Festival 2017 – Finland

When: 07.Jul 2017 – 09.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Närhilä, Ristiina Finland, Närhiläntie

As snow covers Finland, the land of 187,888 lakes, nature braces itself for yet another cycle of deep frost and piercing gusts of northern winds. As do people: we gather around warmth and work on our arts, crafts and other …

Goa Gil & Ariane

Goa Gil & Ariane Open Air Germany 2017

When: 17.Jun 2017 – 18.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: Flugplatz Tutow, Flughafenring 31, 17129 Tutow

The Mission Is The Message Is Sound Goa Gil & Ariane Open Air Das Goa Gil & Ariane Festival ist ein 24 Stunden Tanz Ritual und es geht hier nicht um schlichtes Entertainment, sondern vielmehr um das Erlebnis der legendären …

Tree of Life Festival 2017 – Greece

When: 23.Jun 2017 – 27.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: Asprovalta, Thessaloniki, Greece, Asprovalta 570 21, Griechenland

Save your Early Bird ticket for Tree Of Life 2017 Tree of Life is an international psychedelic music and art festival and is at one of the nicest locations on the planet… and you are beautiful all together. Mission: To …

Chill Out Planet Festival 2017 – Russia

When: 17.Jul 2017 – 24.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Pushkinskiye Gory, Pskovskaya Oblast, Russia

Chill Out Planet Festival – an event for people who love and appreciate the quality of intellectual music, combined with advanced special effects and modern art proficiency under the canopy of old trees in the famous Russian forest. This is …

Freqs of Nature Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 05.Jul 2017 @ 11:00 – 11.Jul 2017 @ 12:00
Where: Niedergörsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany, 14913 Niedergörsdorf, Deutschland

Psychedelic Circus Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 01.Jun 2017 @ 22:00 – 05.Jun 2017 @ 13:00
Where: Glaisin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, Glaisin, 19288 Ludwigslust, Deutschland

The Psychedelic Circus Festival is a very particular fascination about the world of circus with all its likeably bizarre and eccentric characters who defy the laws of gravity in daring ways and perform wild caprioles. Psychedelic Circus Festival 2017 – …

modem festival

MoDem Festival 2017 (Momento Demento) – Croatia

When: 24.Jul 2017 @ 13:00 – 30.Jul 2017 @ 21:00
Where: Primislje, Croatia, Primislje, 47240, Mjesto Primišlje, Kroatien

Words from the organizer: Time flies when you’re having fun! And we are still trying to grasp the fact that it’s time for sixth edition of Mo:Dem Festival. We certainly didn’t come so far on our own, and first we …

SonneMondSterne XXI Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 11.Aug 2017 @ 18:00 – 13.Aug 2017 @ 17:00
Where: Wetteraweg, Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Deutschland, Wetteraweg, 07929 Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Deutschland

Es mag grundsätzlich nicht ganz easy sein, DEN Sound eines Festivals rüberzubringen. Es gibt aber ein paar Menschen, die diesen Sound nicht nur zusammenfassen, sondern vor allem auch definieren und ihm eine Richtung geben können.

Sound of the Forest Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 03.Aug 2017 @ 18:00 – 06.Aug 2017 @ 18:00
Where: Marbachstausee Odenwald, Beerfelden, Germany, Marbachstausee, Deutschland

Das Sound of the Forest Festival findet seid 2009 immer im August am Marbach-Stausee im Odenwald statt. Es ist ein kleines, intimes, genreübergreifendes Festivals, das sich unter den Baumkronen des tiefen bezaubernden Odenwaldes versteckt. Sound of the Forest Festival 2017 …

Happy Daze Festival 2017 – Australia

When: 26.May 2017 @ 10:00 – 28.May 2017 @ 13:00
Where: Whitsunday Island, Queensland, Australia, Whitsunday Island, Whitsundays QLD 4802, Australien

A 3-day event held on the 26th May 2017, Happy Daze is an outdoor music festival located in the hinterland behind the Whitsunday’s, between Airlie Beach and Mackay, QLD. We focus on music, art, performance, with guest speakers and creative …

Transylvaliens Festival 2017 – Romania

When: 26.Jul 2017 @ 16:00 – 30.Jul 2017 @ 19:00
Where: Transylvania, Romania, A3, Rumänien

Transylvaliens is a transformational festival focused on celebrating diversity through music, arts and culture. The psytrance community meets yearly and spends four wonderfully warm summer days in the heart of Transylvania’s astonishing nature scenery. Transylvaliens Festival 2017 We welcome you …

ZNA Gathering 2017 – Portugal

When: 22.Aug 2017 @ 09:00 – 28.Aug 2017 @ 23:45
Where: Ponte de Sor, Portugal, 7400 Ponte de Sor, Portugal

They are the result of careful thinking. We try to balance the need for financial sustainability as a fully legal, independent festival and a fair, affordable entrance ticket. All we wish is to be able to evolve in every aspect, …

Pulsar Festival 2017 – Brazil

When: 14.Jun 2017 @ 13:00 – 19.Jun 2017 @ 20:00
Where: Cachoeira Alta, GO, Brasilien, Cachoeira Alta, GO, Brasilien

Pulsar é um encontro de arte, cultura e sustentabilidade a ser materializado no próximo 25 a 9 de Maio, em Minas Gerais. Pulsar Festival 2017 Celebraremos em prol da percepção que somos um só não apenas com nosso planeta, mas …

PLUR Festival 2017 – Greece

When: 25.Aug 2017 @ 22:00 – 30.Aug 2017 @ 01:00
Where: Greece, Griechenland

We represent a group which support new upcoming talented Dj’s and artists.Our goal is to make through peace love and unity, events that will unite the people of our scene (or not).Influenced by Psy-trance , Progressive Trance and Full On …

Fuera del Tiempo Festival 2017 – México

When: 22.Jul 2017 @ 20:00 – 24.Jul 2017 @ 02:00
Where: Ciudad de México, Mexico City, Mexico, Mexiko-Stadt, Hauptstadtdistrikt, Mexiko

We are an organization of civil society that defends the public interest regarding the right of information from scientific research and knowledge of our ancestors, tied responsible for psychoactive substance use through dialogue inter discipline between science, art , music …

Forgotten Universe Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 18.Aug 2017 @ 18:00 – 21.Aug 2017 @ 18:00
Where: Germany, Deutschland

Line Up & Infos coming soon.

Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017 – Symbiosis Experiment – United States

When: 21.Aug 2017 @ 19:15 – 24.Aug 2017 @ 20:15
Where: Oregon, United States, Oregon, USA

Oregon Eclipse 2017 is a quintessential example of why we produce events. Creating novel, unifying experiences to bring community together is the highest purpose of a production team and we are ecstatic to get to work! Our organization was founded …

Reisefieber XIII Festival 2017 – Switzerland

When: 23.Jun 2017 @ 15:00 – 25.Jun 2017 @ 15:30
Where: Scheltenpass 4719 Mümliswil-Ramiswil Schweiz, Scheltenpass, 4719 Mümliswil-Ramiswil, Schweiz

Der Schelten, von den Jurassiern La Scheulte genannt, ist ein 15 Kilometer langer Gebirgspass zwischen dem Kanton Jura und dem Kanton Solothurn mit einer Passage auf Berner Territorium, der Mervelier mit Ramiswil verbindet. Die Passhöhe liegt auf einer Höhe von …

Nordlicht Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 02.Jun 2017 @ 18:00 – 04.Jun 2017 @ 21:00
Where: Germany, Deutschland

Wir sind ein bunter Haufen an Leuten die es sich zum Ziel gesetzt haben die elektronische Musik ( Psytrance, Psycore, House, Elektro …..) und die Gestaltung von Party Deko interessierten Leuten näher zu bringen. Nordlicht Festival 2017 – Festival der …

Noisily Festival 2017 – United Kingdom

When: 06.Jul 2017 @ 16:00 – 10.Jul 2017 @ 00:00
Where: Coney Woods, Noseley Hall, Leicester, United Kingdom, Leicester, Vereinigtes Königreich

After 2015 we knew that we could take the event to the next level, and with the dedication of our incredible crew and of each and every one of you, 2016 surpassed the expectations of even the biggest of dreamers …

Spirit Base Festival 2017 – Czech Republic

When: 15.Jun 2017 @ 18:00 – 18.Jun 2017 @ 18:00
Where: Výrovice, Výrovice, Czech Republic, 671 34 Výrovice, Tschechische Republik

Spirit base festival celebrates his 15th birthday

Masters Of Puppets 2017 – Czech Republic

When: 27.Jun 2017 @ 00:00 – 02.Jul 2017 @ 06:00
Where: Czech Republic , Tschechische Republik

We are really amped and happy to present you 2017’s edition of Masters Of Puppets Open Air! Gates Open 26.06. Afterparty on 03.07.2017 00:00. First Infos and EARLY BIRD TICKETS are going to be released at Oktober first 2016, stay …

Ganesha Festival 2017 – Romania

When: 30.Aug 2017 @ 15:00 – 01.Sep 2017 @ 18:00
Where: 4 Hotare, Motis, Jud Sibiu DN 142 G, Valea Viilor, Sibiu, Romania, Valea Viilor 557290, Rumänien

Ganesha Festival 2017 is a strong connection to the old roots of the GOA Tribe. Including: 5 days of camping, fresh water, warm shower, FINE toilets, extra ordinary playground, amazing floors, shop corner, shroom path, Art Installations & Isle of …

Tanabata Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 25.Aug 2017 @ 22:00 – 28.Aug 2017 @ 12:00
Where: Berlin, Germany, Berlin, Deutschland

Wir sind ein paar Berliner unser Motto: “In lak’ech ala K’in, das Gesetz des Herzens..” und wollen die Menschen wieder näher zusammen bringen. Auf die alten Zeiten…

Habitat Festival

Habitat Festival 2017 Germany

When: 28.Jul 2017 – 30.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Flugplatz Hungriger Wolf, Hohenlockstedt, Germany

Open Air – Electronic Music – Performance – Live Art – Kultur – Liebe – Funktion One Soundsystem – Lichtshow – Spielwiese – Chill Area – Glitzer Station …

back to nature

Back to Nature Festival 2017 – Turkey

When: 08.May 2017 – 18.May 2017 all-day
Where: Fethiye, Muğla Province, Türkei

10 DAYS in an amazing beach resort located on the Mediterranean sea surrounded by a magical forest. Welcome to Back to Nature Festival 2017! 5 days of non-stop music on two stages with eargasmic sound systems, breathtaking decoration & 5 …

eden festival

The Eden Festival 2017 – United Kingdom

When: 08.Jun 2017 – 12.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: A701, Penicuik EH26, Vereinigtes Königreich

Visit the stunning Eden Festival and hosting 11 different stages, including a kids arena, circus tent, drive in cinema, comedy club, cabaret and workshops, as well as a feast of performers, local artworks, local produce, games and much, much more. …

glow festival

Glow Festival 2017- Germany

When: 09.Jun 2017 – 11.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: Ziegeleiweg 8, 19386 Kritzow, Deutschland

Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Glow Festival Crew presents us the Glow Festival 2017 located in Germany!

solstice 2 festival

Solstice 2 Festival 2017 – United States

When: 23.Jun 2017 – 25.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: Mills River, NC, USA

Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi presents us the Solstice 2 Festival 2017!

festival solar

Festival Solar 2017 – Peru

When: 23.Jun 2017 – 25.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: Valle Sagrado De Los Incas, Distrito de Lima 15331, Peru

Festival Solar means to get people on the same frequency in a space for mental freedom where everyone can enjoy the conexion with nature with high quality electronic music and alternative arts bringing back to life this ancient celebration on …

inner frequencies

Inner Frequencies 2017 – Slovenia

When: 07.Jul 2017 – 09.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Slowenien

Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Dream Project Crew presents us the Inner Frequencies 2017 located in Slovenia! Enjoy summer 2017 with Inner Frequencies

fractal fest

Fractal Fest 2017 – United States

When: 27.Jul 2017 – 30.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: New York, USA

Fractal Fest set in the woods of upstate NY, the atmosphere is carefully sculpted to work in unision with the natural features of the land. The area is carefully manicured for barefoot safety with shaded camping. A winding river adds …

totemystik festival

Totemystik Festival 2017 – France

When: 28.Jul 2017 – 30.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: France

For this second edition of Totemystik Festival, there will be no Psytrance, but instead a new Industrial Techno scene with a line up straight from Berlin, Detroit or even London? We have been looking for the most performing artists in …

eclipse festival

Eclipse Festival 2017 (Resonance) – Canada

When: 03.Aug 2017 – 07.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: 211 Chemin de la Rivière Gatineau N, Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, QC J0X 1E0, Canada

The Festival’s 14th edition will be at Bonnet Rouge in Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau! More info will come soon.


Bachblyten 2017 – Germany

When: 04.Aug 2017 – 06.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: 25813 Schwesing, Deutschland

Es erwartet euch ein unvergessliches Wochenende auf dem Bachblyten Festival geschmückt mit feinsten Techno, Deephouse, Techhouse sowie Psychedelic & Progressive Trance. Das Ganze wird mit einem Alternativ-Floor abgerundet. Der Samen ist ausgesät und wird sich nun zu einer prachtvollen Blyte …


Shining-Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 04.Aug 2017 – 06.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: 21709 Himmelpforten, Deutschland

Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Once a year Shining-Festival Crew presents us the Shining-Festival located in Himmelpforten near to Hamburg!

moonlight open air

Moonlight Open Air 2017 – Denmark

When: 05.Aug 2017 – 06.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: 7800 Skive, Dänemark

Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Once a year Baku Records presents us the Moonlight Open Air located in Denmark near to Skive! Moonlight Open Air”The Gathering of Electronic Music and Spirit”

solar seeds in transylvania

Solar Seeds in Transylvania 2017 – Romania

When: 08.Aug 2017 – 14.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Şilea Nirajului 547394, Rumänien

Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Once a year Solar Seeds Crew presents us the Solar Seeds in Transylvania located in Romania near to Silea-Nirajului! Celebrate summer with Solar Seeds in Transylvania 2017 We are all seeds …

zurück zu den wurzeln festival

Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival 2017

When: 08.Jun 2017 – 11.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: Altes Lager, 14913 Niedergörsdorf, Deutschland

Das über 120.000 m2 große Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival Gelände wartet darauf, von euch erkundet und gestaltet zu werden. Baut eure eigenen, kleinen Dörfer, lebt nach eurem Sinn und verliert euch zwischen Musik aus allen Genres und Ecken der …

samsara festival europe

Samsara Festival Europe 3rd Edition 2017 – Hungary

When: 08.Aug 2017 – 13.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Siófok, Ungarn

Samsara Festival Europe welcomes the world’s contemporary tribes to its third summer celebration of the free spirit, love, peace & unity – where the chill stage is the main stage. Samsara Festival Europe – Free your spirit!

Genesis Festival – Greece

When: 21.Jul 2017 – 24.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: North Evia, Griechenland
motion notion

Motion Notion 2017 – Canada

When: 24.Aug 2017 – 28.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Beaverfoot Rd, Golden, BC V0A 1H7, Kanada

Come and celebrate with us the Motion Notion! Motion Notion lives in the heart of the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains near Golden, BC, and within the hearts of many in the Canadian music festival culture.

Nature One

Nature One 2017 – Germany

When: 04.Aug 2017 – 06.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Pydna, L225, 56288 Hasselbach, Deutschland

Will you celebrate Nature One Festival with us! Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Once a year Nature One Crew presents us the Nature One Festival located in Germany near to Pydna!

Vortex Open Source

Vortex Open Source 2017 – South Africa

When: 07.Dec 2017 – 11.Dec 2017 all-day
Where: Riviersonderend, Südafrika

Celebrate Vortex Open Source 2017 You feel yourself buoyed by the melodic meanderings of a million birds swimming together in song. The intense presence of the moment seems to condense slowing time down to a delightful trickle. Celestial cymbals strike …


Hadra Trance Festival 2017 – France

When: 07.Sep 2017 – 10.Sep 2017 all-day
Where: Association du plan d'eau de Vieure, La Bordé, 03430 Vieure, Frankreich

The 10th edition of the Hadra Trance Festival is announced !!! After reluctantly leaving the Lans-en-Vercors mountains in 2014, we had embarked on the meticulous quest for a new home for the 9th edition of the Hadra Trance Festival. Two …


Global Chill-Out 2017 – Czech Republic

When: 30.Jun 2017 – 02.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Jihomoravský kraj, Tschechische Republik

Global Chill-out Festival 2017 Let’s come together for three days to experience the festival waking consciousness. Union circles, space for sharing, freedom, creativity, great music, workshops and wonderful people in the magical surroundings of the Moravian paradise. Actions you deserve …

we are not alone open air

We Are Not Alone Open Air 2017 – Germany

When: 09.Jun 2017 – 11.Jun 2017 all-day
Where: Feldrain 8, 19386 Wahlstorf, Deutschland

Will you celebrate We Are Not Alone Open Air 2017 with us! Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Once a year LSD-Events “lichtsounddeco-events” presents us the We Are Not Alone Open Air located in Germany near to …

Dakini Festival 2017

Dakini Festival 2017 – Romania

When: 29.Jun 2017 – 02.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Plaja Tuzla, Rumänien

DAKINI FESTIVAL – A Journey Into the Unknown A unique experience created as an eco-friendly and sustainable initiative – an ad-hoc society built around arts, crafts and culture taking place on the Black Sea coastline on what is known as …

Kali Mela

Kali Mela 2017 – Spain

When: 13.Jul 2017 – 19.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Barcelona, Provinz Barcelona, Spanien

About Kali Mela Shamanic and visionary art & music gathering in Spain where the furthest limits of psychedelic music and art evolution can be experienced firsthand as we connect and share in Mother Nature with familiy and friends, new and …

Earthquake Open Air Gathering

Earthquake Open Air Gathering 2017 – Germany

When: 07.Sep 2017 – 10.Sep 2017 all-day
Where: Karstädt, Deutschland

Feier mit uns das Earthquake Open Air Gathering 2017 Auch in diesem Jahr zelebrieren Wir wieder das Earthquake Open Air Gathering.. Nun schon zum 6. mal, und auch wieder l über 4 Tage und 3 Nächte auf 2 Floors. Wir …



When: 19.Jul 2017 – 23.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Koh Chang Island, Serbia


Yaga Gathering

Yaga Gathering 2017 – Lithuania

When: 03.Aug 2017 – 07.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Spengla, 60km south from Vilnius, Lithuania

Yaga Gathering 2017 – Welcome to the digital temple of Yaga The Ring! Four days wonder in Lithuanian woods will open it’s gate to diversity of world-views, mindsets and artistic expression. Atmosphere filled with love, joy, respect, knowledge and arts …

Indian Spirit 2017

Indian Spirit 2017 the Rebirth – Germany

When: 30.Aug 2017 – 04.Sep 2017 all-day
Where: Osterburger Str. 250, 39576 Stendal, Deutschland

About Indian Spirit 2017 Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Once a year the Indian Spirit takes place in germany Berlin. 5 days psychedelic music gathering – Free camping – Free drinking water – Shuttle service

Festival Harmonic 2017

Festival Harmonic 2017 – France

When: 20.Jul 2017 – 23.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: 83840 Trigance, Frankreich

Celebrate Festival Harmonic 2017 with us! This year we’ll focus on the theme of the Tree of Life : we’ve all planted seeds in this Festival, they start growing and each of us will go on bringing its contribution. Come …


Raumklang meets Sea You Festival 2017

When: 15.Jul 2017 – 16.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Seestraße, 79108 Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland

Celebrate Raumklang meets Sea You Festival 2017 with us! SEA YOU is one of the largest electronic festivals in Southern Germany, and all this close to the Swiss border! Only half an hour drive from Basel, and you can enjoy …

Naraja Psychedelic Gathering

Nataraja Psychedelic Gathering 2017

When: 13.Jul 2017 – 16.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: 14000 Caen, Frankreich

Celebrate Nataraja Psychedelic Gathering with us! From July 13 to 16, come and spend 4 days dedicated to dancing, discovering and sharing in the Normandy countryside, in the heart of an alternative nature farm, transformed into a psychedelic cocoon for …

blackmoon festival

Blackmoon Festival 2017 – Italy

When: 18.Aug 2017 – 21.Aug 2017 all-day

Will you celebrate Blackmoon Festival with us? Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Once a year Blackmoon Crew presents us the Blackmoon Festival located in Italy!


Nexus Festival 2017

When: 24.Aug 2017 – 27.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Ferropolis, 06773 Gräfenhainichen

Celebrate Nexus Festival 2017 with us! Nexus-Festival is an Outdoor & Indoor Festival for electronic music and arts. It will take place at the Airport Zweibrücken in south-west Germany. It’s in the region called Pfalz and is close to the …


Waha Festival 2017

When: 20.Jul 2017 – 24.Jul 2017 all-day
Where: Micfalău 527115, Rumänien

Celebrate Waha Festival 2017 with us! Waha means celebration, manifestation, vibration, dancing, cooperation, sharing, harmony & love. Waha sounds joyful, tribal and resonant. Waha aims to be more than a party, but an expression of existence. A space where you …

Summer Dream Open Air 2016

Summer Dream Festival 2017 – Germany

When: 11.Aug 2017 – 13.Aug 2017 all-day
Where: Brahmfeld, 19370 Parchim, Brahmfeld, 19370 Parchim

Die Indianer kommen zurück. 😉 Summer Dream Open Air 2017 Many Acts, Artists and DJ’s are waiting for you! Summer Dream Crew presents us the Summer Dream Festival located in Germany! More Infos soon.


Herrentags Open Air 2017 – Germany

When: 25.May 2017 – 26.May 2017 all-day
Where: 19306 Blievenstorf, 19306 Blievenstorf, Germany

Herrentags Open Air 2017 – Germany More Infos soon…


Fenix Festival 2017

When: 19.May 2017 @ 11:27 – 21.May 2017 @ 12:27
Where: RS AVIA Varvažov, RS AVIA Varvažov

Celebrate Fenix Festival 2017 with us! The bohemian tribes, Synaptic Dreams and WizArts wil join forces to create a psychedelic festival of music, art and fire. With the help of the extended family members Otrozona and Mimo-TV they will work …

Summer Opening 2017

Summer Opening 2017 Germany

When: 06.May 2017 @ 14:00 – 22:00
Where: Entenwerder, Entenwerder, 20539 Hamburg, Germany

Summer Opening 2017 – Germany Hier beginnt die lang ersehnte Open Air Saison! Nichts wie hin da!