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Hoop-dancing offers an infinite abundance of possibilities to combine music, body and hoop into a wonderfully harmonious whole.

Transcendental FLOW with Solja

solja-hoops-logoNow, how exactly do you dance with a Hula Hoop? Of course you can learn Hula-hoop only in connection with dance. Just mastering the tricks does not suffice, first you have to learn to run. Music is the most important thing because while dancing with a hoop you listen to it with your whole body. You feel the bass which sets rhythm and tempo. While spinning to the music the hoop is banging against your body in the same way as you would beat a drum, your arms are raised alternately, and each part of your body connects with the rhythm as if carried by a current.
Every dancer knows, your goal is to reach the point where your body becomes the expression of your soul. With some time and practice, the music will take control of you and your hoops. All three elements – bass, body and hoop –
will merge into one unit.
Experienced hoop-dancers call this condition FLOW.

Tip for the Flow:
mushroom-hoop-dance-workshop1. Practice makes perfect: Only when you have initially familiarized yourself with a few different movements will they finally combine effortlessly. So take up this hoop and spin, learn and practice, practice, practice.

2. Make use of breaks of the music’s beat: if you want to change the direction of the hoop rotation or hoop position from vertical to horizontal, you should emphasize every change with a break instead of trying to make the transition hastily.

Click the Image to view step by step Free-floating hoops description.

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