Synergic – Sound Spheres To Feel


Torgen and Benjamin create more than just sounds: Using their energy, they manage to establish a connection between their music and our inner realms.

Sound Spheres To Feel

When the former metalheads Torgen and Benjamin attended their first Psytrance party in 1988, they were initially flashed by the music’s broad sound spectre. Not long after, Synergic was born.
Their album “One Mystery Left” was published in 2011 and gave permission to give in to rhythmic ecstasy.

Multidimensional compositions tickle the synapses of those who listen with their mind awake. On an ocean of hypnotic and abstract sound-waves, we float in collective trance. When body, mind and soul are unified, we speak of the synergy of existence. In the blink of an eye, we merge with the music, fully understanding its purpose.
Synergic’s EP “Psy Therapy” adds to this concept of healing. It was released 2016 on their self-founded label Juicy Noise Records.

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