Terraπ - Charts January 2017

Infected by the smiles on people´s faces he saw at trance parties Terraπ alias Maurice from Germany got immediately fascinated by the culture of psychedelic trance. Now he provides us with some creaky night time psychedelic around 146-152 bpm.

Terraπ (pronounce TerraPi) alias Maurice first appeared behind the turn tables in 2010.
His name originates from his love for the nature (terra lat. = earth) and the letter π (:pi) which stands for eternity. Combining those words it sounds like therapy. A meaningful name, as he says, since music is some kind of therapy for him. Terraπ describes his sound as creaky with screwing acid and dynamic basslines, which will pitchfork you on the next level. Always enjoying his own music Terraπ wants to share his passion for it with others. Besides his engagement in goanight.net, a radio chanel for psy trance he has newly become a member of the chaishop family.
He is also involved in the Producing-Project of BionicBabas, he does with dj Astronom.


FraCailot - Renegade Mustard [unreleased]

Virtual Light & Gaspard - Vermin Surpreme [Sangoma Records]

Jumpstreet - Distress Signal [Looney Moon Records]

Synthetik Chaos - Touchdown [Spontaneous Aerobics]

Vertical - Paperwork [Purple Hexagon Records]

Occular - Marawho [unreleased]

Zzbing & Dsompa - Trumpet [Sonica Recordings]

Delirium Tremens - Albert Stole My Bike [Purple Hexagon Records]

Yohanan - Tripping Balls (Selfrelease via Bandcamp)

Gaspard - Tomonage [Believe Lab]

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Hooray! 🌞
Wir haben das nächste Gewinnspiel mit einigen ganz besonderen Stücken für euch. Zu gewinnen gibt es fünf Pakete mit einigem Selbstgemachtem.
Die Teilnahmebedingungen sind:
- nimm am Facebookevent teil
- verlinke unter diesem Post deine Freunde mit denen du das Festival besuchen möchtest
- verrate uns auf welchen Musiker du dich am meisten auf dem Nexus Festival freust
Das Gewinnspiel läuft bis einschließlich dem 03.07.
Auf die Plätze, fertig, 💥
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Gomjabar IV Open Air

Gomjabar IV Open Air
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Gomjabar IV Open Air

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