VOOV Experience 2016 – Review


Newly ascending and long-time guests came together last year from July 22 to 25, celebrating VooV Experience again. The incomparable spirit was re-created successfully.

Renewal And Reunion

On the festival ground near Putlitz, located between Hamburg and Berlin, it had been a spectacular VooV Experience again last year. The organizers managed to keep up the good spirit as well as enchant their guests with even more creative and loveable implementations. Those who resisted the up to 33° at daytime (or kept dancing into the night) were rewarded with the extraordinary VooV-typical lightshow: With giant tubes of light, the crowd was sucked in and swirled through time and space, while the pumping basslines of the finest Psytrance artists guided them through this dimensional travel. Continuing on the path through the festival area, the lights paved the way for curious nightwalkers, until they reached one of the spacious forest ponds: A ball of light emerged from the water, almost looking like the rebirth of an ancient light being. Taking this symbol of rebirth, the VooV Experience has definitely bridged the gap between those who demand a darker, deeper sound, and those who prefer a more fluffy, melodic Progressive, or simply hypnotic and psychedelic sound. The euphoric mood of the many guests has been crystal clear.
With lots of dedication, VooV’s grand 25th anniversary next year will surely be amazing to see, hear and feel again!

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1 day ago

VooV Experience

Was für ein Opening: Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat in seinem Element… und wir in unserem auf der Tanzfläche! 😀
What an opening: Ace Venture doing his awesome thing… and we are doing ours on the dancefloor! 😀
Tickets: sho.rtlink.de/souY29F3T
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VooV 2017 opening set

2 days ago

VooV Experience

Shop-shop-shop: Wir haben noch einige wenige Standplätze auf unserer Marktstraße frei! Bewerbt euch jetzt und werdet ein Teil der VooV 2018! 🙂
Shop-shop-shop: There are a few shop slots left on our market street! Send us your application now and become a part of the VooV 2018! 🙂 -> shops@voov-festival.de
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VooV shops last call

4 days ago

VooV Experience

You can never get enough of Clear Sound… 😉
Tickets: sho.rtlink.de/souY29F3T
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You can never get enough of Clear Sound… ;-)
Tickets: http://sho.rtlink.de/souY29F3TImage attachment
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