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Zamnesia Smartshop

Zamnesia offers a wide range of high quality Cannabis Seeds, Headshop, Smartshop and Lifestyle products.
Helped by a staff of 15 or so plus a massive network of industry insiders and freelance professional seed breeders, the store continues to grow and evolve.


Check out the extensive inventory of bongs, (water) pipes and vaporizers, grinders and other smoking paraphernalia, from a huge range of rolling papers to roach clips, scales and stashboxes.

To capitalize on more than 20 years’ experience in the growing business in the Netherlands, Zamnesia recently launched their own line of seeds, providing hand-picked, high quality feminized and autoflowering seeds at a good price.

All seeds come directly from organic mothers and are tested daily to guarantee their “germinating strength”. They also stock all the leading brands – more than 500 seed varieties to date – from around the world.


ZamnesiaNaturally, Zamnesia also stock all the leading brands of nutrients, lights, electronics and grow media you might need for planting, raising, keeping healthy and eventually harvesting your crop, indoors or outdoors, from sunny Spain to chilly Northern climates.

And when you fancy something a little more exotic, in the Online Shop they have an extensive range of mushroom growing kits, psychedelic seeds and herbs, party pills and a whole section of the site devoted to Lifestyle products.
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