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Let yourself to be surrounded by music meant to touch the soul.

Feel the vibrations of ”The All” & ”Monsoon” and make sure to look out for the 3d Animated videos to each track synchronized with the Music.

Track 01: The All
Awesome piece by one of the pioneers in the Mexican psychedelic trance scene, Daniel Gradilla aka Blue Lunar Monkey. He is behind the sounds on this song with juicy beats that can turn your state into a meditative trance, like the sound of the ocean, like the wind touching you, like the way that nature oscillates, leading the way to a fresh experience.

Track 02: Monsoon
A one time release, a unique mystical experience, a musical story that resonates perfectly with nature. Enjoy this melodic and progressive track with a touch of tribal sounds by the psychedelic band from Almaty, Kazakhstan Bahasa (Baurzhan Ikhanov aka Kai dreamtime playing the bansuri, kalimba, baglama saz, guitar, didgeridoo, jew’s-harp. Hasan Matsayev aka Hasbeat playing drums, percussion, sfx. Alexander Sukharev aka o44 recording, mixing, sfx, bass, synth’s, glockenspiel.) Your support is essential to be able to keep releasing more tracks in the future.
 Thanks for Supporting Animaudio and we hope that you enjoy!!

Animation and Concept by: Animaudio
Mastering by : Alfonso Salinas Palacio aka Hasmodai
Cover illustration by: Patricia Marie Hung

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