Adern releases Flexor3

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Adern is proud to announce the release of FleXor 3, a groundbreaking add-on pack of modules that takes your Scope Modular system to the next level. Flexor3 integrated with SonicCore (Creamware) Scope Modular3 is quite simply the most advanced and powerful digital modular system available today. The thick sound of FleXor3 recreates the satisfying warmth of analog as well as offering routes into uncharted digital territory..

150 new synthesis and processing components have been added since the original, revolutionary FleXor collection was released. As well as rich and complex oscillators, waveshapers and filters, a mind-expanding range of granular processors, sequencers, modulators and effects unleashes extraordinary new sound design potential.

FleXor3’s modules are designed to be modulated at audio rate – together with the Scope’s zero-latency real-time DSP architecture, you can explore extreme sonic worlds that few digital modular systems can reach. FleXor3 can sound lush and creamy or razor sharp, aggressive and futuristic, with an infinite variety of shimmering possibilities in between.

If making patches isn’t your strong point, don’t worry because FleXor3 ships with 500MB of patches from our team of gifted and visionary sound designers. A huge range of jaw-dropping synthesizers, audio processors, guitar effects, sequencers and granular manglers are ready to drop straight into your tracks.

* New Oscillators, Shapers, Filters, Sequencers, Modulators, FX, Granulators and more!
* Over 150 new modules, with more than 250 modules in total.
* A huge library of stunning ready-made patches for synthesis, processing, sequencing and more.
* Immense Potential for synthesis, sound design and audio processing
* Audio-rate modulation
* Full Documentation & Integrated help
*Distinctive UI design

Based on a purist programming approach for the Scope DSP cards, the entire arsenal of FleXor modules are built entirely from scratch using low level building blocks such as Buffers, Adders, Dividers, Multipliers, and so on. Each resulting module is a brand new design with a characteristic sound of its own and is not a replica of any previously existing modules.

FleXor 3 Highlights:

FleXor 3 FR Oscillator Collection:
A diverse range of oscillators featuring internal waveshaping and anti-aliasing, providing a huge spectrum of oscillator wave-shapes and modulation effects.

FleXor 3 Granular Collection:
Basic building blocks for granular processing that can be combined to create mind-blowing complex realtime granular effects.

FleXor 3 Shaper Collection:
Shape the waveforms of oscillators and audio signals in real time, with everything from subtle saturation modules to extreme harmonic and formant shapers.

FleXor 3 Filter Collection:
More than 30 different filter modules offering a wealth of flavors. Some highlights include all-pass based phasers and formant filters, classic low-pass and high-pass filters, wahwahs, comb filters and more.
FleXor 3 Envelope Collection:
Fast, precise and complex custom envelopes are available, featuring the ability to incorporate LFO’s or any external signal as envelope stages.

FleXor 3 Sequencer Collection:
FleXor’s sequencing toolset is now even easier to use, and includes all-new sequencing tools. Make larger, more complex sequences of notes and parameters to make your sounds come alive, manipulate ramps with waveshapers and even drive sequences with any audio source.

* SonicCore (Creamware) Scope DSP board system
* Scope Modular2 or Modularv3
*6 dsps or more recommended (Scope Project / Pulsar2)