Aerodrömme - Charts July 2017

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Aerodroemme (also spelled Aerodrömme ) is a vibrant duo project based in Toronto, Canada. The act was created in 2008 by Boris “Shankar” Kurtzman and Steve “Nexus” Chan. Aerodroemme began as one of the most promising names in the Progressive Techno circuit. Over time, Boris and Steve have transformed their sound from a deeper progressive influence, to the more hypnotic/deep techno sound heard in their latest releases. They have an impressive discography, brandishing releases on labels such as JOOF Aura, Digital Structures, Slideways, Rheostatus, Frakture Audio, Baroque Records, Tribal Vision, Balkan Connection, Nuuktal, Oddsine, Techgnosis, TMM Records and Twisted Frequency. Their international performances have taken them to Australia, Panama, Mexico, United States, and of course to many cities in Canada. Over the years, they have received support from heavyweights such as Yuli Fershtat (aka Perfect Stranger), Black Asteroid, Chris Liebing, James Harcourt, Vegim, Luis Flores, Timo Maas, Danny Howells, and Tomcraft, just to name a few. 
Aerodroemme Live sets are always packed with surprises, as they are always looking for innovative ways to incorporate music technologies into a set. Whether it be iOS controllers and synths, analog hardware, drum machines or a Theremini, there is always something new to listen out for as they play to the crowd. Music gear has been a key component to the Aerodroemme sound since the beginning. Their current kit list includes a Roland MKS 30 with PG200, TR-8, TB-03, Novation Bass Station II and KS4, Access Virus Snow, Moog Minitaur and Theremini, Elektron Analog 4, Korg Volca Bass and Volca Beats, NanoKontrol2, Edirol PCR300, Ableton Push, Motu Ultralite (for live use), and UAD Apollo Twin.


Alfredo Mazzilli - Vanir

Voices From The Lake - Zulu Vortex

Ness - Psychotechnologies

Luigi Tozzi - Binary Sunset

Joachim Spieth - Shadows

Aerodroemme - Inhale

Claudio PRC - The Place Where We Were Born

Deepbass - Battle For The Mind

Woo York - Atlantis

Polar Inertia — Sonic Outlaws

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