Ampethron – synthesizer to enrich psychedelic performances

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Ampethron is a synthesizer designed for live acts, producers and DJs who would like to enrich their live shows and make them more interactive with party crowds.

Of course, Ampethron synth can be perfectly used in studio work – thanks to new types of synthesis you can add innovative, unique sounds to your music production.

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But the most important thing about this device is, that it is primary aimed for psychedelic music. Thanks to unique way of control, you can interact with party crowd and turn your set into a real concert.

For now, the company has released limited info from their prototype:

  • New concept of synthesizer, new style of controlling and playing sounds.Very different, unique unit for Live-acts and Djs (also for studio production).

  • Many algorithms (types of synthesizers and instruments) in one DSP hardware device.

  • New types of synthesis/re-synthesis.

  • 2 parallel/serial filters (14 types of filters including unique ones).

  • 4 oscillators (real-time wavedrawing oscillator with touchscreen, wavetable, virtual analog, re-oscillator).

  • Touchscreen control + hardware unique control for live-acts or DJing.

  • Draw your own waveforms in realtime with touchscreen (LFO and Oscillator waveforms).

  • Multiple external connection possibilities.

Audio examples:


A limited amount of Ampethron devices will be sold during the initial batch during the first round of pre-orders, which includes a significant discount from the retail price, which is not revealed yet.