Antaris 2014
Antaris 2014

Antaris Project • 11.07.-14.07.2014 • Stölln • Germany

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Antaris 2014
Antaris 2014

It‘s the 20th anniversary of the legendary German trance open air Antaris, speaking out against war and for friendship, peace, and freedom, here you will find very friendly and creative party people. It‘s definitely one of the German Trance festivals you have to visit!  The Antaris will be held as usual close to Berlin, at the Gilder Airport, Otto-Lilienthal. Laugh & Dance! It’s for your eyes, your ears and your heart! The 20th Anniversary Antaris Supershow, a milestone in the story of trance, will be held from 11-14th July.  

Confirmed artists so far:


Ace Ventura, Eat Static, Extrawelt, Juno Reactor, Man with no Name, Ajja, Audioform, Chris Rich, Chromatone, Conwerter, Dickster Live/DJ, Drip Drop, Earthling Live/DJ, Eunoia, Fasma, Fearsome Engine, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Inner State, KabaDrop, Kabayun, K.I.M., Kox Box Live/Retro/DJ, Laughing Buddha, LOUD, Meander, Martian Arts, Ohmnidrive, Parasense, Ridden, Simiantics, Skyfall, Space Tribe, Tristan Live/DJ, Tron


Alice D Joanna, Andreas Pfeiffe, Back To Mars, Bass-T 73, Buzz’t, Catfish & Phil, Chicago 1200 Mics, Chris Zippel, Cosmix, Dee Luna, Dick Trevor, Gandalf, Goa Jonas, Hardy Heller, Heribert Rainbow, Ilse, Javeed, Justin Chaos, Krisae, Louis Ley and Capowne, Lucas TIP records, Manu, Melburn, Mike Australien, Mike Maguire, Morjim Norbert, Nayati Sun, Naveen Vs Tarzan, Nigel Photon, Nigel Shiva Valley, Nomatic, Orange, Raoul, Robin, Rowan, Samoth, Sebastiano, Shore Bar Axel, Skitzophrenix, Boom Shanka, Sven Looping, Trevor, Zen, Zimon


Genuine Sounds, Mat Mushroom, Dr. Atmo, Liquid, P. Laoss, Dunkle Materie, Neobeo, Vakuum Sounds, Chris Zippel, Valis, Sangeet, Eat Static, Krisae, B. Ashra, Bayawaka

More to come soon….

Deko: Die Sterngucker, Buju, Avikal and Special Guest VJ Martin Stebbing…

Xtra: Spiritual Circle, Ambient Area, Kids Area …

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