“Following the fantastic ANTARIS Anniversary experience this year, we are now moving forward towards The Coming-Of-Age of ANTARIS. We guarantee to do our best to make ANTARIS the most beautiful, sparkling light on the 2015-party-agenda. Laugh & Dance! It´s for your eyes, your ears and your heart! ANT-ARIS = AGAINST WAR! For Friendship, Peace and Freedom!”

antaris-project-by-heribert seeger-location

Antaris is a humongous trance festival, that has been drawing trancers from around the globe to Germany, for over twenty years, and each year they have lived up to their mantra of ‘laugh and dance.’ If you want to have an experience like never before, you must visit this festival.

The 21st edition of Antaris will take place from 3rd July to 6th July, 2015, at the Flugplatz Otto Lilienthal, about 60km west from Berlin, Germany. The line up for the coming year is simply ballistic, and features a list of ace Artists and Djs. Besides the main stage, the festival grounds host an Ambient Area, a Spiritual Circle, and is family friend with a whole zone dedicated to kids.

Antaris 2015 is slotted to attract double the number of visitors and the crew is working hard on perfecting the blacklight-deco and there have been promises of ‘a few musical treats’ that have already been booked for the party-pleasure of antrarians.

Tickets for this unforgettable cosmic journey are available online, there’s only 10000 Tickets get them here:

Website: http://www.antaris-project.de/

Photo credits: Thomas Raese


Goatika RUS
Eat Static UK
Zen Mechanics NL
Ace Ventura ISR
Man With No Name UK
Chicago 1200 mics & Raja Ram UK / US

Antispin UK
Atmos SWE
Avalon UK
Braincell D
Chromatone US
Conwerter GR
Critical Taste D
Deedrah F
Drip Drop GRE
Dsompa D
Earthspace BRA
Fobi MK
Ital CL
Kasadelica IL
Liftshift NL
Martian Arts GR
Megalopsy AR
Neuroplasm UK
Obliviant NL
Pragmatix ARG
Protonica D
Rastaliens D
Ridden GR
Scorb UK
Sinerider UK
Sonic Species UK
Space Tribe AU
Supergroover NL
SuKhush IN / US
The Rave Commission AU /BR /GR
Virtuanoise IT
Zentura NL / IL

Aliji UK
Djane Alice D & Joanna D
Dj Starling IN
Ankur D
Arion D
Astray D
Buzz’T D
Daksinamurti D
Dala ZA
D-Nox & Beckers D
Digoa BRA
Doc GR
Djane Emi JP
Fliege D
Nayati Sun D
Gandalf D
Gino Sonica IT
Goa Jonas D
Govinda IT
ilLoUiSiOn D
Ilse D
Janux IN
Justin Chaos UK
Krisae D
Kristian UK
Mara CH
Melburn D
Mike Maguire UK
Naima AT
Namaskar D
Naveen D
Nayati Sun D
Nigel UK
Nomatic D
Ov-Silence.Oli D
Pandu D
Peter Puls E
Raoul D
Ray Castle AU
Rowan IRE
Sangeet D
Schrittmacher D
Sg4ry D
Starling IN
Sven Looping D
Terranostra CH
Trevor Pixie UK
Vishwaatmaaa feat. SuKhush IN / US
White-Wizard E
Zen NL



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