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13. – 16. July 2018 • Airfield Otto Lilienthal, Stölln near Berlin / Germany

The Starship ANTARIS is beaming you up once again! With the slogan LAUGH & DANCE – AGAINST WAR! the Antarians celebrate and dance for friendship, peace and freedom, on the second weekend in July. Read here everything you need to know about this years highlights and how the festival became an institution in the psytrance business.

antarisIt’s already a quarter of a century ago: In 1993, the first legendary ANTARIS festival took place near Berlin. Organizer Uwe Siebert felt inspired by some terrific Psytrance parties in India. Three years later he was totally ready for action and put on a new festival in Germany. Thousands of psy-freaks attended the first parties in Tarmow near Fehrbellin. For the 11th edition in 2005 the event moved to the east-german region Havelland, on the airfield Otto Lilienthal. Here, the famous pioneer took off for the first manned gliding flight in history. Today, the enthusiastic Antarianians start their journey through music and space in this area.

By the way: Next year, 2019, a phenomenal anniversary party will be set up in this place. For the first time, the ANTARIS crew will showcase the 24th edition of the ANTARIS PROJECT here.

A festival for your eyes, ears and heart!

Best place to replenish your exhausted reserves on the ANTARIS festival is the SPIRITUAL CIRCLE. On the program: Yoga, massages, workshops and of course shopping and feasting at the market mile. The audience attending is highly international, relaxed and quite divers – just like the original spirit that is also the hallmark of the gathering. At night it gets down to party: The ANTARIS is a bombastic fluorescent blacklight festival. The Mainfloor transforms into the ANTARIS UFO and gives the dancers access to a parallel world. Buju and his Team work during eight months on this year’s festival decoration to set up a planet universe for you. Magic Mike and Micha from EPS create a mega-light show while Martin Stebbing realises a completely new stage design, including video mapping.

antarisOne thing is certain, the ANTARIS baits visitors with its first-class music concept. When the sound gets faster and harder on the Mainfloor, the Alternative Floor appears light and bright – and vice versa. A pretty nice balance! Last year’s innovation doubles for this years edition. The outcome: a fat three-hour set from Quadrasonic and a Eat Static gig realized as an 8-point surround experience. For four days and three nights, the precious line-up predicts also many other great moments: The best of Progressive Trance will be presented by top acts like Ace Ventura, Egorythmia and Morten Granau. In addition, an old-school afternoon with inter alia Astral Projectionis on the line up, too. Forest will this time be put on by Giuseppe and Uncle Dunkel. Astrix, Neuroplasm, Burn in Noise and Altruism will heat up the crowd with Full On.


This year, a special show will wait for techno fans: Merv from Eat Static and Nektarios Meintanis from Martian Arts will perform a live set as their new project named Strontium Dogs – without a computer and only with modular synthesizers. Look forward for deep Mutant Acid House, garnished with a selection of the finest tribal rhythms. Also, there will be plenty of creative acts in the chill-out. Perfect for relaxing!

Pre-sale tickets are available on the website, which will also lead you to the ANTARIS shop “Marandai”. In Berlin’s Goa-Store you can get ANTARIS festival shirts as well as hard tickets for the festival.

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1 week ago

Antaris Project

"Die idealen (Goa-)Partys waren und sind immer noch klein, in wunderschöner Natur, mit viel Liebe vorbereitet und lassen das Gefühl einer "family" entstehen. In diesem perfekten Setting ist eine harmonische ekstatische Erfahrung leichter zu erleben. Freunde sind anwesend, die aufeinander achten." (Roger Liggenstorfer) ... See MoreSee Less

Die idealen (Goa-)Partys waren und sind immer noch klein, in wunderschöner Natur, mit viel Liebe vorbereitet und lassen das Gefühl einer family entstehen. In diesem perfekten Setting ist eine harmonische ekstatische Erfahrung leichter zu erleben. Freunde sind anwesend, die aufeinander achten. (Roger Liggenstorfer)


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... und zur Antaris kommen 10000.

Family Affair.......Underground Sound ist und bleibt unprofitabel und nicht Gesellschaftsfähig und das ist auch gut so........denn es geht nicht ums Geld❤️

Tja die Antaris gehört nicht mehr dazu. Vorbei mit klein und viele nette Leute die auf die Natur achten

Aus und vorbei die Zeit. Schön war‘s. Klein war die Antaris nie, aber mal super schön.

Ace Ventura ist auch nicht mehr das was er einmal war Finn Ehlers Leo Halley David Fl 🤔

Für mich immernoch der reine Spirit .... Ich bin nie wegen der Musik dort hin gefahren sondern wegen dem feeling .... und ich hab nur eine ausgelassen ....ich liebe die Antaris 💙

wahre worte ...das wesentliche nicht aus den augen verlieren <3

Wie niedlich er damals aussah^^

C'est bien dit :)

Wenn Hassan Hadj Ali richtig am Party machen ist.


Is it you, Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat?? :D

Kirsten Dunst 🤸

Shiv A Chim 2002!!

Pieriko Mencacci Kevin LeBlond calmez votre collegue ..

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