ANTARIS Project 2019 – 25th anniversary Interview

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Together with founder Uwe we look back on 25 years of Antaris, give him the opportunity to talk about this truly unique Psytrance festival from his point of view, which mushroom magazine as well as the international Psytrance scene have visited year after year with great enthusiasm and devotion.

ANTARS founder Uwe

What special features await us at the 25th, the Jubilee Antaris?

The jubilee edition will be full of light and moving images.
On the main floor Buju’s decoration will be perfected and the stage will get a spectacular all-round video mapping. The sound system will have even more speakers, including Föön basses in the middle: You can dance ON the bass again! The Alternative Floor will be equipped with a Föön sound system and Flower of Life decorations. There will also be video projections in the chill area this time. And every guest can look forward to an anniversary gift at the door!

How did it all begin? What has become of it today?

In August 1993 there was a legendary party night with Antaro, Scotty, Sangeet in a circus tent outside the gates of Berlin in Rüdersdorf. It was fucking cold, we warmed ourselves at the fire. On the yellow starred blue paper flyer it read, funny enough: Admission 7 p.m., beginning 8 p.m. One sole dance floor. Today it has become a professionally organized event with three floors and a lot of technology, was first located in Ostprignitz-Ruppin and now is in Havelland. In its core, in its heart, however it still is the ANTARIS.

From your point of view, what were particularly moving moments at the Antaris in the past years?

Low point: the absolute mudbath two years ago, in 2017. However, this low point turned into a high point. Because of the audience’s team spirit, exactly this ANTARIS became one of the three best ever in the end!

What theme are you dedicating the Antaris this year to?

Clearly, more important and up-to-date than ever before: AGAINST WAR, FOR FRIENDSHIP, PEACE AND FREEDOM!
The ANTARIS is for the eyes, for the ears, for the heart!

Will this really be the last chance to visit the Antaris?

Last chance ? Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question precisely at the moment because it all depends on many different factors. The final decision will probably not be made until September or October. It is all in the stars, so to speak, perhaps somebody somewhere in the universe knows the answer. I have visions for further chances! But if you want to experience the ANTARIS just as it is now and has been in the past years, as a huge glowing sparkling flying carpet with three wonderful floors, you should come.

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3 days ago

Antaris Project

Another great artist aftermovie of the Antaris.
From ILAI by Flyawaymode Video Production ❤️

Here's the full Antaris Project 2019 Aftermovie
Unforgettable memories , 25 years of Love!!!! <3
Video by : Flyawaymode Video Production
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What a wonderful set .it was awesome. 🙏🙏🙏💥💥🕺🕺

thank you Antaris Project <3 the best vibe as always <3

Katharina Kaiser🕉😍

❤️❤️❤️Best psytrance festival in germany ❤️❤️❤️

Stephan Grether

Patrick Elf du bist gleich am Anfang zu sehen 😍

Weiß jemand von wem der Track ist?

Knall Charge gut getroffen 😜

4 days ago

Antaris Project

The aftermovie of Volcano On Mars ❤️

Volcano On Mars
Here’s the After Movie from our set @ Antaris Project 2019
It was amazing experience for us and a pleasure to take part and celebrate Antaris on its 25th year.

🎥 Krischan de Beer | 6Monkeys
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Alexander Muratore

Sa RA 😍


Multise3d‘s super Antaris Aftermovie ❤️

Magical memories captured from Antais project 25th anniversary. THE BEST!!!! It's hard not to sound like a far-out trippy hippy space cadet when one experiences dance floor vibes like this. In a sense, it feels limited to try to put into words something that is so extraordinary. 🙏We feel what is real 💕🙏🔱 The dance floor imaginatrix electrifies and lifts the soul into otherworldly realms. Collective visualizations increasing energy vibration exponentially 💕🙏🔱. Psychedelic dreams come true 🙏 For every action outside is an action inside.... ..... Le Miroir Fantastique. We laugh we dance we play. Dancing for the multiverse. Love, peace & freedom. 💕🙏🔱

Many thanks to Antaris Project, Jonas Kersten and all the incredible artists and dancers that have supported us over the years. 💗💗💗

Massive respect and appreciation 🙏✨💗 Giacomo Busetto aka Flyawaymode Video Productionideo production✨💗😍

Track by Scorb- Tundra (Virtual Lightht remixTRK Mastering ✨💗🔱 Trick Music family 🔱💗✨
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multiseed was my best moment on the weekend. thanks you bros for ur music.

Wonderful Words ! for this incredible trance dance moments ... what da fuk yeah ! <3

THANK YOU MAN ! you remember dancing session ;) LOVE YOU bro ! <3

Beste 🍀🍀🍀🍀

i know sweety

Behiye Matschie..schau mal⭐️💜

Eric Spory

Erwin Bich Moni Mauzi 😀😀😀

Julia Nessler das Geöcht :)

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