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Toast3d are Ezra Arangi (28) and Eyal Arbuz (28), an energetic Israeli duet. During the last year, Toast3d have released tracks on various compilations and in May, prior to the release of their debut album, they came up with the CD single “One”. That‘s long ago and now their debut album “High Infinity” is nearly finished.

The drive in Toast3d tracks is the heartbeat; the power behind the sound is pumping up the veins and you are always breathless from the most intruding yet mesmerizing leading concept. Toast3d are the new generation of psy full on, mixing virtuosic techniques with vertigo stories.

Toast3d tracks are an autonomy of sound while every track has its own authentic touch created as a result of the perfect human fusion between both musicians. Ezra plays the synth and the guitar, while Eyal has studied the secrets of sound engineering. Together, as Toast3d they are holding the keys to all vital signs.

Coming soon:
Toast3d “High Infinity”

Track Listing

1. High Infinity
2. Midship
3. Majestic (RMX)
4. Memory Game
5. Efect Defect
6. Untouchable
7. Psy Evolution
8. Live 2 Give
9. Fly Away

Release date: 27. Oct 2007