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Fashion Special 2016: FraggleTribe

Fraggletribe ist ein kleines, familienbetriebenes Modedesign-Label aus Österreich, welches sich der Erstellung einzigartiger Mode verschrieben hat.

World Bodypainting Festival

Endlich ist es soweit, das WBF “a Fusion of Bodies & Beats” hat begonnen.

Österreich – Komm in den Psytrance F.L.O.W.

A small country in the Alps but among the 3 biggest Psytrance countries in Europe because of its many parties and festivals all around the nine provinces.



Sometimes it’s like that: You get to know a colleague, find him sympathetic, then over 2–3 seasons many encounters and cut. When we met again on the occasion of this article, the connection reoccurred immediately. But some things still have …


Avaloka – Psychedelic Trance mit Herz und Geist

Wenn es ein Trance-Event gibt, das sich von den meisten anderen Goa- oder Psytrance Partys unterscheidet, dann ist das Avaloka.

FLOW Festival 2016 Review

The name F.L.O.W. an abbreviation for „Feel Love On Weekend“ reads quite artificial. But that‘s precisely what you got in there. FLOW Festival, an optical, musical and human highlight of the festival summer A quarry as a location for a …

Fashion Special 2016: Aurin Spaceland

Aurin Spaceland – fancy fashion for fancy people Several small labels and young designers, for whom fair trade – from production to the customer – is as much important as for us, are represented in Aurin. Aurin offers fashion and …

flow festival 2016

Flow Festival 2016 – start: June 30 near Vienna

Flow Festival 30.06. – 03.07.2016 – Austria At the Austrian FLOW festival, waves of sound lure us into a deep trance, where everything floats to make the summer truly unforgettable The Psytrance community is like a rainbow: Uniting everyone despite …

Austria: High Quality & Healthy Parties!

The psytrance scene in Austria is one of the biggest in Europe compared to the size of the country. Its history started before the mid 1990s. Trancers went to events like Garden Eden and Shambala and around the turn of …



Psy-Pix aka Simon Hafele Simon Hafele from the West Austrian state of Tyrol is probably one of most up-and-coming decoration artists of our scene. The amazing organic work of the nowadays 26-year old, can be frequently admired at events in …