Axios Records proudly presents “The Forgotten Language”, a powerful downtempo psychedelic album of Avaris, a side project of one of the most established psychedelic trance artists today, Archaic. The central idea behind this album is a return to ancient myth that tells us about essential unity of all creatures: human beings, animals, trees and other non-human entities… According to this myth, all living beings could communicate with each other and as such celebrate the unified field of existence and meaning. This is the sacred language that allows a shaman to communicate with animal spirits and other spiritual entities. As a contemporary echo Avaris’ album offers us a translation of this language into a unique musical masterpiece that defines a true shamanic psychedelic experience, bringing us back to the roots and the unity with all beings and most importantly, with each other.


1. Equinox

2. The Speaking Oak Wood

3. Shamanic Overtones (Remix)

4. Aetherobacy

5. Extra Sensory Perception

6. Soul Hunting

7. The Forgotten Language

8. Cavedrops

9. The Four Directions


Written and Produced by: Kostas Kanlis 

Mastering by: Ognen Zafirovski (Yudhisthira) 

Artwork & Layout by: Maxim Sukharev (Time of Myths)


Release Date: May 25, 2019

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© +  Axios Records 2019



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