Ayata Festival Flyer
Ayata Festival Flyer

Ayata Festival • 17.07.-21.07.2014 • Turkey

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Dedicated to the Sun God – Aya Ata and to the theme of Anatolian Shamanism – the Ayata Festival takes place from 17 until 21 July 2014, in the central Turkish region of Muğla, high up in the Sandras Mountain.

Ayata Festival Flyer

As Turkish mythology meets an electronic underground of visionary music, we pay homage to the spirit of the ancient civilizations of Central Anatolia. Explored by archeologists, historians and anthropologists – it is a region where shamanism and Tangrism is a practice that is continued even today. Inspired by this fascinating history, culture and mythology, the Ayata Festival narrates the story of the Moon God (Ay Ata), who lived with his beloved, the Sun Goddess (Gun Ana) on the sixth floor of the skies.

Since ancient times, Turkish people of the region have believed in the secret lunar powers of all human beings. The moon itself is a magical guide – each passing phase significant and relevant to a specific phase of life: from ‘new’ born child and ‘full’ mature adult – to the ‘waning’ of the aged until the point of the ‘black moon,’ when life meets death. The spirit behind this mythology ignites a deeper understanding of the Samadhi that is already embodied within us. Following in the footsteps of our ancestors, Ayata Festival is inspired to reach a universal state of mind that unites local music, art, performance and culture with the pulse of the psychedelic music scene.

So as we welcome a global roster of producers, DJs and visual artists – we celebrate our shamanic roots, which have grown and evolved from Middle Asia to Anatolia.

At the Moon Temple Stage, we will host an awesome selection of artists from across the vibrant underworld of psychedelic trance, while at the Sun Temple, we create a haven for chilling to both live music and downtempo beats as well as for watching performances and partaking in holistic practices.

There will also be art, visuals, projection mapping, décor, land art and much more created by some of the finest artists that include: Turkey’s Pixel Paralex (formed of the artists, Hakan Hisim and Gokhan Gezici) – and Greek collective, Botn.

Ayata Festival Location
Ayata Festival Location
So we will gather at the highest peak of Southern Turkey, in the region of Muğla, where ancient civilizations walked with the spirit of the Moon God and the Sun Goddess… We will climb 2,294 metres above sea level to the heights of the Sandras Mountain, in the heart of the village, Agla, which is named after the fresh spring water that flows through its contours… With its fairytale trees, wild flowers and emerald waters of the Gokceova Lake – this is a sacred paradise revealing the mysical side of Mother Nature.

Join us for this natural symphony… Feel enlightened by the energy of this fascinating landscape; invoke higher realms of consciousness and be inspired by the history, knowledge and culture held by this sacred land where Ayata Festival takes place. Welcome home!


  • ELECTRIC UNIVERSE -DE- (Dacru Records)
  • RINKADINK -ESP- (Alchemy Records)
    Ayata Festival Sticker
    Ayata Festival Sticker
  • EGORYTHMIA -MK- (Iono Records)
  • SHANE GOBI -UK- (Alchemy Records)
  • BITKIT -BEL- (Dacru Records)
  • IANUARIA -AT-(Syncronize Records)
  • MAD MAXX -USA- (United Beats Records)
  • NEUROMOTOR -FR- (United Beats Records)
  • BLISARGON DEMOGORGON -MK-(Bhooteshwara Records)
  • FOBI -MK- ( Green Wizards / Dimensional Records )
  • CHRIS RICH -UK- (Boom Shanka Records)
  • ELLIS THOMAS -UK- (Glitchy Tonic Records)
  • MINDSPHERE -TR- (Sun Trip Records)
  • FUZULU -IR- (Madjic Studio Productions)
  • KASADELICA -IL-(Uroboros Records)
  • AKES -PT- (Noise Poison Records)
  • ELFO -IT- (PSR Music)
  • KLANGMASSAGE -AT- (Soundlab Pirates)
  • MAYAXPERIENCE -AT- (Soundlab Pirates)
  • ALIENAPIA -UA- (Space Baby Records)
  • PARASECT -IT- (Banyan Records)
  • CAVEMAN -IT- (Purple Hexagon Records)
  • HALLULAYA -FR- (Melting Runes Record)
  • MIDI JUNKIES -TR- (Geomagnetic Records / Psytropic Records)
  • TOOKYTOOKY -UA- (Another Dimension Music / Space BabyRecords)

  • PSYSARI -TR- (Shamballa Fest)
  • BOOM SHANKAR -DE- (BMSS Records)
  • WHACKYWHACK -TR- (LittleBig Sensations Records)
  • KOMARCHIKI -RU- (Quantum Tribe)
  • TOOKYTOOKY -UA- (Another Dimension Music)
  • VOODOO MANTRA -TR- (Liquid Tunes Record)
  • PSY TIGER -TR- (Tree of Life Festival-MMP)
  • DSOMPA -DE- (Peak Records)
  • GYPSYDELICS -TR- (Ayata Festival)
  • ARDACADABRA -TR- (Ayata Festival-Kohlea Project)
  • DRIFTER -TR- (Cure Records)
  • TaO -DE- (Ayata Festival)
  • BAHAR CANCA -TR/UK- (Sub Bubble Recordings)
  • ELECTIC -TR-(Tree of Life-MMP)
More Infos at: www.ayatafestival.com & www.facebook.com/events

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