Bazooka - Charts April 2018

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Some things in life stay forever in our minds. They have huge impact over our personality and character, even if do not realize it at once. Once upon a time there was a small boy who was completely addicted to Bazooka Joe. He could not stop chewing these gums, and read the small slips that had jokes and sometimes future predications. At that time, being an astronaut was apparently a desirable achievement. That was before the time they knew that reaching the stars and defying gravity could happen in quite a different manner, like being a DJ!

Now this boy, Sebastian Stubbe from Hamburg, Germany, is grown up but decided to be called Bazooka. He was born in a time when all the biggest electronic music influences sprung like magic mushrooms: from Pink Floyd to Depeche Mode – He just couldn’t get enough of this enchanting sensation electronic beats inflicted. In 1995 he began hearing Hard Trance and could not resist playing and mixing with the tunes he heard. He then slowly entered to the one path of Psychedelic Trance in 2000. Of course there was no question about starting to mix Psytrance, and he focused on Progressive sounds.

Since 2012 he began the legendary Hamburg party organization – Spirit of Moksha, where you probably heard artists such as Egorythmia, E-Clip, Symbolic, Slackjoint, Hypogeo, and many more. As a new member in the Iono Music Family you can expect only top notch Progressive tunes that will grab your attention wherever you are!


1.Shiva_Style_Berg rmx__Phanatic_Remix

2.Off Limits _Emerald_Original_Mix

3.Ritmo, Cosma, Silent Sphere -Moving_Ritmo_Remix


5. Ilai & One Function - Energy Of Life

6.Flegma, Liquid Soul _Adrenaline_Flegma_Remix


8. Sideform - Advanced Civilization

9.Side Effects_Twisted_Original

10.Kalki, Side Effects _Happiness_Original_Mix

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Bazooka / Enterrec / Sun Department Rec

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Open Tribe - Boom Operator -Debut Album
Label - Enterrec
Track 09. Open Tribe - Running Out Of Time

ENTERREC presents OPEN TRIBE's debut album: BOOM OPERATOR. Here we have a bright, new young talent who is sure to cause a storm on the scene. A proud Viennese to set the new standards of our psychedelic community. Recording instruments for the Album & performing them live. His stage presence resonates with the crowd. Anticipation for what will come next. A way to twist & turn the floor in many directions. OPEN TRIBE took many steps to get to this point & finally his time has come to show the world what he has to offer. Featuring a remix track from E-MOV & a Vs track with ENTERREC label boss CHAMPA. A top combination for his beginnings. Let's just say: If this is what he can do with his first album, let's start to warm up to the next!


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BeatPort Classic:


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