Namaste! Welcome to Goa, the birthplace of Psytrance which today is a lot more commercialised, but still remains a place where most of the global Psy-scene and the biggest Psy acts meet on its beaches and celebrate grand parties. The best places in Goa has had their ups and downs since 2000, parties had to stop at an early hour, but recently they have been going all night again.

Best places in Goa 2016

DJ Goa Jonas, born in Germany, raised in Goa, shares his insider knowledge with you.

Hill Top

Goa, India: Hill Top
The legendary Hill Top. Favourite place: 9 Bar on top of Vagator beach. Beach parties: Shiva Valley + Curlys in South Anjuna, UV Bar + Chronicles on Vagator beach. Wednesday Flea Market in South Anjuna + the Saturday Night market in Arpora.

Anjuna Market

Best places in Goa, India: Anjuna Market
Anjuna’s weekly Wednesday flea market is as much part of the Goan experience as a day on the beach. More than 3 decades ago, it was conceived and created by hippies smoking jumbo joint selling pairs of Levi jeans to help fund the rest of their stay. Even if much more mainstream now it’s must to visit this colorful place.The best time to visit is early (from 8am) or late afternoon (around 4pm till close just after sunset).

Artists and Festivals in Goa

Galaxy Evolution at one of the best places in Goa: 19.-21.Feb 2016
Artists like: Ajja, Tristan, Earthling, Arjuna, Ridden, Drip Drop as well as DJs Raja Ram, Govinda, Nigel, Rowan, Guiseppe (head of Parvati Records), Justin Chaos, and Celli. Promising Indian artists are the live acts Spinal Fusion, Starlabs, Farebi Jalebi, and Flipknot, really amazing DJs are Starling, Janux, and Nittin. In February is the Hilltop Festival in Vagator (12–14), then the Galaxy Evolution Festival in Morjim, and in December the electronic festival Sunburn.

Goa Jonas

DJ Goa Jonas doing his thing at the best places in Goa
Goa Jonas aka Jonas Kersten was born in Germany but grew up in Goa. He recently celebrated his 20 years‘ anniversary as a DJ – in 1998 he was the youngest DJ, who ever played at Boom aged 14. He plays is groovy day-time Psytrance with psychedelic bleeps & blobs, melodies and groovy baselines between 139 – 146 BPMs. Together with Uwe Siebert he is responsible for the music Antaris Project. Currently, he is finishing his first compilation, to be released soon on Harmonia Records, featuring 10 unreleased tracks.

Do’s and Dont’s in Goa


  • The Indians are very friendly and open, but you should always treat them with respect.
  • You can just about always bargain about the price.
  • Visit Mapusa market on a Friday.
  • Have a fresh coconut every day.


  • Don’t be on or near the beach, as well as roads in the night when you are female.
  • Don’t go topless if you’re a woman.
  • Don’t take pictures of Indian people without permission.
  • Don’t get your ears cleaned on the beach.

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