The best Psytrance Festivals 2018

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Morocco Desert 2018 - Morocco

29.03.2018 - 01.04.2018
Morocco / Sahara Desert

We are excited to announce the first edition of Morocco Desert! A unique experience to celebrate life and music while dancing on the magical dunes of the Moroccan Desert ~

Phoenix Festival of Fire - South Africa

22.06.2018 - 24.06.2018
South Africa / Kam'Bati River Resort

Once again celebrate the Winter Solstice celebrated in all cultures for thousands of years. This time under the sun of Africa!

Seeds of Freedom - Portugal

06.07.2018 - 08.07.2018
Portugal / Celorico da Beira

A must for all Psy and Chill- out music Fans. Also to all those who believe in power of union through Psy-Trance universal language, Peace and Love. Seeds of Freedom will make your Seeds grow and create your World of Dreams.

Phoenix Festival, Switzerland

11.08.2018 - 12.08.2018
Switzerland / Chrummenrüti

Es freut uns sehr zu verkünden, dass der Phoenix sich ein weiteres Mal aus der Asche erhebt und den Platz in Trüllikon in ein farbiges Meer aus Licht und Flammen hüllt. Von weit oben strahlt der Feuervogel auf dem Scheiterhaufen, bis er wieder zu Asche verfällt und ruht…

Motion Notion 2018 – Canada

23.08.2018 - 27.08.2018
Canada / merrit

19 years of open-air beauty! The Motion Notion has always been something off the beaten path and a thing of discovery and amazement for all.

BioRitme Festival - Spain

23.08.2018 - 27.08.2018
Spain / Vilanova de Sau

BioRitme is much more than a music festival, it’s ecology, it’s consciousness, it’s fun, it’s life during 4 days wrapped in incredible Natural Paratge.

Genesis Project – Daytime Festival 2018 - Sweden

25.08.2018 - 26.08.2018
Sweden / Göteborg

One Base, One Heart, One love! That’s what it’s all about. Let there be light at the Genesis Project in Sweden!

Magic Castle 2018 - Switzerland

25.08.2018 - 26.08.2018
Switzerland / Castello di Mesocco

In the suggestive atmosphere of the castle of Mesocco we offer you a magical night of Psy-Trance. Magic Castle shows you the colours of psychedelic Experience and put it together with the Feeling of unique Castle Atmosphere.

Gaggalacka Festival 2018 - Germany

30.08.2018 - 02.09.2018
Germany / Mondsee

Gaggalacka marks the end of the German Open Air season and has become sort of the traditional summer closing-gathering.

Sound Engineers Festival 2018 - Turkey

01.09.2018 - 05.09.2018
Turkey / istanbul

Sound Engineers Festival 2018 await you. Be prepared for the ultimate Sound in your Eyes

Sacred Aeon Festival 2018 - Turkey

04.09.2018 - 04.09.2018
Turkey / Antalya

Sacred Aeon is a festival designed to raise the vibrations of the planet through music, art and intelligent lifestyle. We aren’t just talking about the evolution of consciousness, but actually taking global transformative action.
Sacred Aoen Festival will grant unique Spirits and the ultimate flow for your Emotions.

Skogtroll 2018 - Norway

05.09.2018 - 09.09.2018
Norway / Trondheim

The Forest Trolls are once again calling us out to dance amongst the crooked trees of their Magical wetlands. To let our feet sink into the soft moss as we venture into the misty wonderland of a true FairyTale, into the lands of the creatures of the Wild…
This is the place where you can set yourself free…

Nunyarra Culture Festival - Australia

14.09.2018 - 16.09.2018
Australia / Tenterfield

Welcome to Nunyarra Culture Festival.
A space for those who wish to immerse themselves in a weekend of expansive expression and deeper understanding through collective knowledge.

Into the Wild | Moon Child - South Africa

15.09.2018 - 18.09.2018
South Africa / south africa

This sanctuary of playful abandonment will always showcase only the finest progressive trance and techno, both grown locally and imported. A land filled with naturally crafted art installations, vibrant visuals, and unique musical journeys.

Back to Nature Festival 2018 - Turkey

19.09.2018 - 25.09.2018
Turkey / Çamlıköy Tabiat Parkı 

Back to Nature Festival creates love, art nature form many unforgetabble memories

The Psychedelic Way – “Festival for life” - Italy

20.09.2018 - 23.09.2018
Italy / North Italy

THE PSYCHEDELIC WAY is a group of friends from London, who believe deeply in psy trance culture, and they are organising some of the best underground parties.

Apparitions Festival - Mexico

21.09.2018 - 23.09.2018
Mexico / San Pedrito Beach, Todos Santos

Unite again for the next edition of Apparitions Festival where an opportunity to share with old and new friends is created.

Earthdance Nelson Mandela Bay 2018 – Plant Peace Plant Dreams - South Africa

21.09.2018 - 24.09.2018
South Africa / Near Stormsriver Bridge

The 10th year of Earthdance Nelson Mandela Bay joining the world in 22nd celebration of Earthdance Global Peace Festivals.

XXXperience Festival - Brazil

22.09.2018 - 23.09.2018
Brazil / Rodovia Santos Dumont

In 1996, the embryonic national market of electronic music would know the first edition of XXXPERIENCE!

Furthur Gathering, Tunkashila - Spain

27.09.2018 - 30.09.2018
Spain / Camping El Calonge

This is a small scale festival aimed at celebrating community and creativity. Music, art , workshops and performance as communication.
Believing in fusion culture Diversity of styles and media. Local and accesible to promote maximum interaction and positive reaction.
Keeping it rich and harmonious

Life Celebration – Trance the beach #2 - Croatia

28.09.2018 - 30.09.2018
Croatia / Beach Bar Kalahari

Let’s make us all feel good together, sharing the positive vibes, and make an decent farewell to the summer of 2018,at the beautiful beach(bar) of „Kalahari“ in Ližnjan(Pula,Croatia)…

Psybertech Festival - Portugal

29.09.2018 - 30.09.2018
Portugal / Vale da Pedra

Tão mítica como ela só, chegamos a mais uma edição da Psybertech. Um evento que já conta com mais de uma década de edições.

Świt Gathering 2018 - Poland

29.09.2018 - 30.09.2018
Poland / Warszawa

wit Team welcomes you for another celebration of life and closing of the summer season. For 24 hours, we offer a place for individual artistic expression in the beautiful sandy forests of Czarnw, with a full power assortment of native Polish DJs and lord Oroboro, our special guest from Germany, along with great home-ma

SOMA Festival NEPAL - Nepal

10.10.2018 - 13.10.2018
Nepal / Pokhara

Outdoor Festival in the beautiful mountains of Nepal.

Desert Dance Festival - Egypt

11.10.2018 - 14.10.2018
Egypt / Big Dune Camp, Nuweiba

Fellow Desert-Dancers, we are happy and proud to once again invite you to be part of the 4-day Sinai desert dance experience!

Progressive Festival - Brazil

12.10.2018 - 13.10.2018
Brazil / State of Paraná

Para comemorar a nossa #41 edição, é justo uma noite especialmente preparada para celebrar ao lado do país mãe da nossa cena, o verdadeiro poder da música MADE IN ISRAEL!

1001 Bass Music Festival - France

18.10.2018 - 21.10.2018
France / Palais Des Spectacles

The rendezvous of the Loire Valley of electronic cultures will give you a rendezvous for its 7th edition in October 2018 in Saint – Etienne

Elements Festival, Australia

19.10.2018 - 21.10.2018
Australia / Granite Belt Region

Elements Festival 2018 – 3 Days of Music, Arts, Markets, Workshops

Organik – Gaian Dream 2018 - South Africa

19.10.2018 - 21.10.2018
South Africa / South Africa

“We work in the dark – we do what we can – we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.”
Organik is a collective of like minded human beings.


19.10.2018 - 21.10.2018
Brazil / Maripora

O termo abduo usado para descrever e levantar a hiptese de raptos, desaparecimentos temporrios ou memrias supostamente reais de pessoas que teriam sido levadas por entidades de origem desconhecidas, e ento submetidas a procedimentos fsicos e psicolgicos de complexidade no-compreendida.

World Trance Festival - France

31.10.2018 - 01.11.2018
France / Avignon

Quoi de mieux que d’envahir le parc expos et de le faire avec une édition sur le thème celtique.
Écossais, Irlandais, Gallois et bien sûr nos amis Bretons seront représentés.
Êtes vous prêts à en découdre avec eux ?

Dragon Dreaming Festival 2018: 10th Anniversary - Australia

02.11.2018 - 05.11.2018
Australia / Cooradigbee Homestead

Dragon Dreaming Festival celebrates art, music, nature, and the freedom of self-expression in a safe, family friendly gathering not far from Canberra, Australia

Twilight Festival 2018 - South Africa

02.11.2018 - 04.11.2018
South Africa / near Johannesburg

Music plays a vital role in people’s lives – we relate to it with huge emotion, it is as if it is part of our genetic makeup – without it life would simply be less meaningful!

Mayan Groove - Guatemala

02.11.2018 - 04.11.2018
Guatemala / Pueblo Nuevo Viñas

Moontain Promotions presents its first music and art festival, 3 days of coexistence and harmony brought to you by the Mayan Temple Community


15.11.2018 - 15.11.2018
Thailand / Ko Pha-Ngan

The well known Halfmoon Festival with special Location and atmosphere grants the unique experiences you seeking for. Sound and memories you will never miss.

Earthcore 2018 - Australia

22.11.2018 - 26.11.2018
Australia / victoria

Australia’s pioneering music – arts – culture – lifestyle festival celebrating 25 years in 2018

Alien Safari – Flying Circus - South Africa

24.11.2018 - 25.11.2018
South Africa / Blue Hippo

We are all Wanderers on this Earth. Our Hearts are full of Wonder, and our Souls are deep with Dreams.

Insônia no Mundo Mágico - Brazil

08.12.2018 - 09.12.2018
Brazil / Rio de Janeiro

Preparem-se para conhecer o nosso MUNDO MÁGICO chamado INSÔNIA!

Vortex Open Source 2018 - South Africa

13.12.2018 - 17.12.2018
South Africa / Riviersonderend

Vortex Open Source is a gathering of like-minded psychedelic freedom fighters who believe in the revival of an authentic and profound transformational outdoor party experience.

Alien Prog 3ª EDIÇÃO – A EVOLUÇÃO - Brazil

15.12.2018 - 16.12.2018
Brazil / Imperatriz

Um evento que surgiu como uma forma de representar a cultura da música eletrônica no Maranhão.

Galaxy Evolution Festival 2018 - India

20.12.2018 - 23.12.2018
India / Rajasthan

Galaxy Evolution is a festival that’s due to take place in Rajasthan

The Modern Primitives Love Nature Festival 2018 - South Africa

21.12.2018 - 23.12.2018
South Africa / George

PSYKISS…Psy PSYKISS….Saai Saadjies….Sowing the seeds of LOVE , a time to grow plants, trees, frienships, good thoughts, ideas, spirituality and art.
A tribute to Mother Nature!

Magik the Full Moon Gathering - Guatemala

21.12.2018 - 23.12.2018
Guatemala / guatelmala

Manifestamos la conciencia desde el sonido sanador, el movimiento en unión con nuestro micro y macrocosmos, el respeto y conocimiento de las plantas sagradas que nos ayudan a despertar y descolonizar nuestra conciencia y la manera de ver y accionar en el mundo.
Mas información pronto

Adhana Festival 2018 - Brazil

28.12.2018 - 02.01.2019
Brazil / rio dos bugres

The savanah cries still echo in our memories …
As if it were yesterday, the children’s smile still lingers in our memory. We live unforgettable with Adhana Festival. Beyond everything we have ever dreamed of!

ReveillOz #5 2019 - Brazil

28.12.2018 - 02.01.2019
Brazil / Lagoinha

Brasil has something great upcoming for fans of special Festivals

Terra em Transe Festival - Brazil

29.12.2018 - 02.01.2019
Brazil / Praia de Costa Azul

Terra em Transe Festival é uma experiência visionária tropical. Música eletrônica psicoativa à beira-mar.

Sunburn Festival 2018 - India

29.12.2018 - 31.12.2018
India / Sunburn Festival

Sunburn Festival one of the greatest Events you can find in India. Music, Atmosphere and Flow goes altogether. Unforgettable Memories guaranteed!

E-Trip Festival 2018/2019 - Brazil

29.12.2018 - 01.01.2019
Brazil / maripora

Um local totalmente aconchegante, com visual magnifico, além de poder contar com o conforto de banheiros de alvenaria, área de camping, piscina e chalés.

SEUSS header

SEUSS Festival - New Zealand

30.12.2018 - 02.01.2019
New Zealand / South Head Kaipara Harbour , Auckland

AUM Productions (ॐ) will deliver absolute cutting edge entertainment to stimulate your mind, body & soul through music, light and art.

Experience Festival 2019 - Thailand

30.12.2018 - 02.01.2019
Thailand / Magic Mountain

Thailand’s annual Psychedelic Trance Festival, held since 2008 on the tiny paradise turtle Island (Koh Tao).

Twisted Frequency Festival - New Zealand

30.12.2018 - 03.01.2019
New Zealand / Golden Bay

Twisted Frequency Festival has become a staple within the South Island outdoor festival scene and is New Zealand’s fastest growing festival of its type.

Timegate 2019 – Aquatic World - Switzerland

30.12.2018 - 01.01.2019
Switzerland / Atlantide Club

After 4 years of silence the team of Biolive has the great pleasure to announce you the return of Timegate festival!

VICPHORIA Festival 2018 - Zimbabwe

31.12.2018 - 02.01.2018
Zimbabwe / Ko Panashe

Satisfy yourself with the sound of the elements Vicphoria Festival is a great opportunity to fill yourself with the spiritual blow. You feel the Limit of Sound and this will increase your spiritual Level. Beyond the Mind you will feel the blow, sound and spirit.

Origin Festival 2019 - South Africa

01.01.2019 - 03.01.2019
South Africa / Elandskloof Guest Farm

A weekend of Psychedelic Music, Visionary Art and Conscious Culture

Atman Festival - Sri Lanka

09.01.2019 - 14.01.2019
Sri Lanka / Arugam Bay

ATMAN Tribe is an international collective of travelling people coming from every corner of our planet that work together to make this ideal reality.

Rainbow Serpent 2019 - Australia

25.01.2019 - 28.01.2019
Australia / Lexton, Victoria

From a small gathering in a secluded clearing Rainbow has developed into one of the most highly regarded music and arts festivals in the world.

Antigravity - Australia

25.01.2019 - 28.01.2019
Australia / New South Wales

Antigravity returns in 2019 to bring you a mind-altering psychedelic experience! Come blast off and feel free from the force of gravity. You can be part of that Experience!

Vali Winter Open Air 2019 - Italy

26.01.2019 - 27.01.2019
Italy / Marche

Even in 2019 there will be this unique open air in the cold and frost but with a great and warm atmosphere, see you next year!

Kaballah Festival 2019 - Brazil

26.01.2019 - 27.01.2019
Brazil / Camboriú

Pluralidade, unio, amor, msica eletrnica So a base dessa longa histria! Kaballah Festival no Green Valley, vem a o maior baile de debutante da histria!

Luminate Festival - New Zealand

30.01.2019 - 06.02.2019
New Zealand / Canaan Road, Takaka Hill, Nelson

Luminate Festival is a vibrant summer festival of cutting-edge live and electronic music, visual and performing arts & inspirational knowledge-sharing.

Dimension Festival 2019 - New Zealand

01.02.2019 - 05.02.2019
New Zealand / near Auckland

Visit this stunning waterside location for three nights to raise your consciousness through this incredible celebration of Music & Art.

Chilca OVNI Festival 2019 – Tercera Edición - Peru

07.02.2019 - 10.02.2019
Peru / Chilca

OVNI Festival & Trilobite Music presentan este verano Chilca OVNI Festival 2019 – Tercera Edición !!!

Fresh Adventure Festival - Brazil

09.02.2019 - 10.02.2019
Brazil / Vargem Grande

A adrenalina vai correr solta durante 16 horas de música comandadas pelos principais nomes da cena eletrônica mundial e nacional
A combinação perfeita: Música, sol e piscinas no maior parque aquático das Américas!
Refresque sua vida!

Tribal Gathering 2019 - Panama

15.02.2019 - 28.02.2019
Panama / Playa Chiquita

Once a year 60 tribes from 30 countries come together to share their knowledge with the global psychedelic community.

Earth Frequency Festival 2019 - Australia

15.02.2019 - 18.02.2019
Australia / Ivory's Rock, Mount Flinders Road, Peak Crossing, Queensland

Earth Frequency Festival is a 4 day outdoor festival, based in South-East Queensland, Australia.

Psychedelic Playground 2019 - Costa Rica

15.02.2019 - 17.02.2019
Costa Rica / Sarachi

Love Corp.♥ es una promotora de eventos psytrance en Costa Rica, que surge por el proceso de muchos años de trabajo en equipo, que por la experiencia misma acumulada en todo ese tiempo, se ha llegado a un acuerdo psicodélico & existencial, para poder darle participación & la oportunidad a diversos artistas para ver

CHill Top Festival - India

22.02.2019 - 23.02.2019
India / Vagator

CHilltop Festival is where the frequencies go deeper into the realms of Space and at the same time celebrate our Earth.

Envision Festival 2019 - Costa Rica

28.02.2019 - 04.03.2019
Costa Rica / Provincia de Puntarenas, Finca Cartago

As a celebration dedicated to awakening your human potential, Envision provides a platform for different cultures to co-exist in sustainable community!

Soulvision Festival - Brazil

01.03.2019 - 06.03.2019
Brazil / Altinópolis

O Nosso Universo é uma grande rede energética, todos os seres estão conectados, a energia do Universo flui por você, em todas as dimensões do seu ser.

Zuvuya Festival 2019 – Conectando Dimensões - Brazil

01.03.2019 - 06.03.2019
Brazil / Luziânia

Zuvuya o grande circuito da memria. Ele nos liga tanto ao futuro como ao passado porque se trata de uma linha interdimensional. Zuvuya a fora que impulsiona a sincronicidade e, consequentemente, a fonte de suprimento da magia.

Shivaneris Easter Festival - Brazil

16.03.2019 - 17.03.2019
Brazil / São Paulo

´É com muita tristeza que o crew Shivaneris vem informar a todos os nossos amigos que a edição de nosso festival está cancelada.

Equinox Festival - Mexico

16.03.2019 - 17.03.2019
Mexico / Carr Cuernavaca

Celebrate the summer in the middle of Mexico! Fantastic music in a warm atmosphere, the feeling of freedom who you are when day and night become the same!

Spirit Tribe Festival VI – Avatar - China

04.04.2019 - 07.04.2019
China / Kunming

Spirit Tribe Festival a festival event in China dedicated mainly to Psytrance music and culture.

4Life Festival 2019 - Brazil

06.04.2019 - 07.04.2019
Brazil / Rio de Janeiro

Depois de uma edio pica em abril deste ano, j estamos trabalhando para 2018. Preparem-se para novas experincias, muita coisa boa esta por vir !

Ometeotl Festival 2019 - Mexico

12.04.2019 - 14.04.2019
Mexico / Tepoztlán, Morelos

Ometeotl Festival 2018 celebrates the best of all creative expression; top psychedelic music, beautiful visionary art-work, and the spirit of community.

Lucidity Festival 2019: Moon’s Eye View - United States

12.04.2019 - 15.04.2019
United States / Goleta 93105

Lucidity is an open-source transformational arts and music festival.

Rebirth Festival 2019 - Netherlands

13.04.2019 - 14.04.2019
Netherlands / Raamse Akkers

Rebirth Festival will celebrate its 10th edition, so this calls for a ceremony on a legendary scale!

Respect Festival 2019 - Brazil

18.04.2019 - 21.04.2019
Brazil / Boqueirão Sul

Get the multicultural Sound and Flow be one with the Culture of Sound and Dance like never before. You will get the Respect you need for the Sound you want. Full Energy flow and energetic Sound for the Burst of Dreams.

Omkara Festival - Nepal

19.04.2019 - 22.04.2019
Nepal / Kathmandu

Welcome to the third installment of Omkara festival!

Mundo de Oz Festival - Brazil

26.04.2019 - 05.05.2019
Brazil / Lagoinha

The WORLD OF OZ is a multicultural event with artistic, craft, musical, ecological, circus activities.

AfrikaBurn 2019 - South Africa

29.04.2019 - 05.05.2019
South Africa / Tankwa Karoo

After all – unlike other events – the city we raise from the dust is not built or managed by ‘someone else’ Out there, there’s no someone else – there’s just us, and we’re all in it together.

Hai in den Mai 2019 - Germany

02.05.2019 - 05.05.2019
Germany / Waldfrieden Events

Start of the Open Air Psytrance Season!

Psychedelic Circus Festival 2019 - Germany

09.05.2019 - 13.05.2019
Germany / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

A circus is filled with fun, laughter, amusement and joy.

Summer Opening 2019 - Germany

11.05.2019 - 11.05.2019
Germany / Entenwerder

The ov-silence Summer Opening on Entenwerder will take place again this year and will be the starting signal for the long-awaited open air season for all of us!

Transition Festival 2019 - Spain

14.05.2019 - 21.05.2019
Spain / Doñana Natural Park

Transition Festival is dedicated to explore the existential limits especially to people really interested in their spiritual growth and human development.

Triplicity Festival 2019 - United Kingdom

23.05.2019 - 27.05.2019
United Kingdom / Wales

Triplicity 2019:​ 100+ artists from all over Europe showcasing the finest in Electronic Psychedelic Bass Music, Psy-Trance, Psy Dub, Psy Breaks, Techno & more

Fenix Festival 2019 - Czech Republic

24.05.2019 - 26.05.2019
Czech Republic / RS AVIA Varvažov

The bohemian tribes, Synaptic Dreams and WizArts wil join forces to create a psychedelic festival of music, art and fire.

Psychedelic Experience 2019 - Germany

30.05.2019 - 02.06.2019
Germany / Ruthen

The Psychedelic Experience 2019 is a 4 days tribal gathering of Psychedelic & Progressive Trance.

Happy Daze Festival 2019 - Australia

31.05.2019 - 02.06.2019
Australia / Whitsunday Island

Happy Daze is an outdoor music festival located in the hinterland behind the Whitsunday’s, between Airlie Beach and Mackay, QLD.

Stockholm Electronic Festival 2019 - Sweden

31.05.2019 - 03.06.2019
Sweden / Stockholm

What an amazing event we had 2018. Now its time to start the planning of 2019s edition.

Eden Festival 2019 - United Kingdom

06.06.2019 - 09.06.2019
United Kingdom / A701

Eden Festival is a truly energetic, vibrant & independent boutique Scottish festival showcasing fresh music, electrifying performances & varying different arts.

We Are Not Alone Open Air 2019 - Germany

07.06.2019 - 09.06.2019
Germany / mecklenburg-vorpommern

Celebrate summer with your family in a peaceful and open minded environment! We Are Not Alone Open Air 2019 located in Germany!

Sacred Earth 2019 - United States

07.06.2019 - 10.06.2019
United States / 10289 Koester Springs Rd

Sacred Earth Open-Air is created as a Cosmic Condensate in which the music, motion, light and love form a structure in space & time. Celebrate the infinite!

Special Cosmic Change VI - Portugal

08.06.2019 - 09.06.2019
Portugal / aveiro district

It’s finally time to start mapping out what will be the 6th Edition of our Special Cosmic Change VI, and guide you to the day we will open the doors of our spaceship and give you another unforgettable journey.

Spirit Base Festival - Czech Republic

13.06.2019 - 16.06.2019
Czech Republic / Rekreační areál Výr Výrovice 95

The same spirit, the same location, another year this unforgettable festival is a must in summer season!

Solstitium - Estonia

13.06.2019 - 16.06.2019
Estonia / southern estonia

Estonia is a tiny wonderland full of pleasant surprises, long history and exceptional wonders of nature. This year, once again, the SOLSTITIUM festival will be held there.

Goa Gil & Ariane Open Air 2019 - Germany

14.06.2019 - 15.06.2019
Germany / Flugplatz Tutow

“Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century”

Sommernachtztraum Festival 2019 - Germany

14.06.2019 - 16.06.2019
Germany / Kieskuhle

ForRest Explosion will celebrate this journey for 3 days and 2 nights full of psychedelic trance music.

PSY Circus Festival 2019 - Mexico

14.06.2019 - 16.06.2019
Mexico / Guadalajara, Jalisco

Celebrate summer with us! PSY Circus Festival 2019 located in Mexico Guadalajara!

Pulsar V 2019 - Brazil

19.06.2019 - 24.06.2019
Brazil / Cachoeira Alta

Pulsar is a meeting of art, culture and sustainability always held during the Corpus Christi holiday in Minas Gerais.

Trance Formation Festival - Brazil

19.06.2019 - 23.06.2019
Brazil / State of Goiás

Whatever you do with love becomes magical, magic will transform the world within those 5 days of festival in Brazil!

UFO BUFO Festival 2019 - Czech Republic

20.06.2019 - 23.06.2019
Czech Republic / Klokočov

Since 2013, Ufo Bufo exists and became one of the the biggest czech psytrance festivals in history.

Burning Mountain Festival 2019 - Switzerland

20.06.2019 - 23.06.2019
Switzerland / Zernez

Burning Mountain Festival is a 4 days experience of radical self expression and self commitment. It’s not about consuming, it is about participating.

Schallkonflikt Open Air - Germany

21.06.2019 - 23.06.2019
Germany / Heiligengrabe

Summer Opening starts with Schallkonflikt! Its gonna be loud, its gonna be a great festival with new ideas and new features! Let yourself be surprised.

Dakini Festival - Romania

27.06.2019 - 01.07.2019
Romania / Plaja Tuzla

A world full of magic is rising in the wilderness on the Romanian Black Sea coastline, on the virgin lands of Tuzla Beach, Constanta.

Las Camp Festival 2019 - Poland

27.06.2019 - 30.06.2019
Poland / Paczyn

Here you find the gathering of people in the Wild. Las Project inspiring Place. One of the biggest Underground Projects in Poland.

Reisefieber XV Festival 2019 - Switzerland

28.06.2019 - 30.06.2019
Switzerland / Scheltenpass

Das Eventgelände liegt auf einer Wiese in einer kleinen Senke umgeben von Wald. Die einmalige Kulisse gibt dem Reisefieber- Festival den einmaligen Groove.

Orange Sun Open Air - Germany

28.06.2019 - 30.06.2019
Germany / Burgwall



Masters of Puppets Festival 2019 - Czech Republic

01.07.2019 - 08.07.2019
Czech Republic / Brno

Masters Of Puppets 2018 celebrating the 5th Anniversary, reason enough to dance for days!

FLOW Festival - Austria

04.07.2019 - 07.07.2019
Austria / Eggendorf

FLOW describes the experience of being completely absorbed in an activity. The FLOW festival gives you a chance to interact with the Austrian Psytrance family!

Son libre Festival 2019 - France

04.07.2019 - 07.07.2019
France / cannes

Prepare your flip-flops and water pistols, it’s hot in the south at this time of the year and the river Collias nestled in the gorges Gardon 5 min is here to refresh and relax with its many shady spots, a a true weekend of musical and party holidays.

Infected Dance Festival - Portugal

05.07.2019 - 07.07.2019
Portugal / Corujeira

Infos coming soon!

Antaris Project 2019 - Germany

05.07.2019 - 08.07.2019
Germany / near Berlin

The 25th edition of Antaris Project will take place from 5 July to 8 July 2019, at the Flugplatz Otto Lilienthal, about 60 km west from Berlin, Germany.

Lala Festival 2019 - Germany

05.07.2019 - 07.07.2019
Germany / Negenharrie

Lala Festival ein Universum voller Möglichkeiten mit Leidenschaft und Liebe das Maximum kreieren.

Funny Moon Festival 2019 - Czech Republic

10.07.2019 - 14.07.2019
Czech Republic / Karlovarský Kraj

A platform for upcoming DJs, live acts and all sorts of artists from around the globe and meet up in nature, share music, art work and experiences together.

ONE Love Festival 2019 - Switzerland

10.07.2019 - 14.07.2019
Switzerland / Filisur

“Seeds Of Love” is this festival’s new mantra, because love is what keeps the world going on and on.

Revision Festival 2019 - Greece

10.07.2019 - 15.07.2019
Greece / Vasilika

Revision Festival many Artists with amazing Music with pleasure and energy.

Noisily Festival - United Kingdom

11.07.2019 - 15.07.2019
United Kingdom / Noseley Hall

The Noisily forest floor is a playground for the surreal. It will blow your mind!

Bachblyten Festival 2019 – 10 years - Germany

12.07.2019 - 14.07.2019
Germany / Schleswig Holstein

Enjoy the sun and music in the open air for 3 days and 2 nights, dancing with friends in a family atmosphere.

MUNAY Festival 2019 - Spain

12.07.2019 - 14.07.2019
Spain / breda

Welcome moths and dragonflies to the 4th edition of a festival of little people with wings that only look for FREEDOM as a whole. Where good vibes and good music prevail in the environment.. 🙂

Sons Of Gaia Gathering - Romania

12.07.2019 - 15.07.2019
Romania / Transylvanian Mountains

An annual outdoor gathering for all psychedelic and nature lovers. Somewhere in the heart of Carpathians mountains magic happens…

Sea You Beach Republic - Germany

13.07.2019 - 13.07.2019
Germany / Seestrasse

2019 werden wir das bereits hohe Niveau in vielen Bereichen nochmals deutlich steigern und noch einen „oben drauf“ setzen

Solar United Natives – SUN Festival 2019 - Hungary

15.07.2019 - 21.07.2019
Hungary / Csobánkapuszta

Come and join the family 🙂 The SUN Festival is happening again!

Shankra Festival - Switzerland

17.07.2019 - 21.07.2019
Switzerland / Lostallo

SHANKRA FESTIVAL offers you a five-day experience in an uplifting natural ambient to celebrate life connecting with people from all over the world

Elysium Island Festival - Serbia

17.07.2019 - 21.07.2019
Serbia / Koh Chang Island

The pure psychedelic culture gathering! Come together and enjoy the Elysium Island Festival on Koh Chang Island!

Chill Out Planet Festival - Russia

18.07.2019 - 22.07.2019
Russia / Pushkinskiye Gory

Chill Out Planet Festival is an event for people who like active leisure, travel and appreciate high-quality intellectual music combined with real wildlife. For those who wish to plunge into an amazing and unique atmosphere full of love, joy and positive vibrations.

Sonica Festival 2019 - Italy

22.07.2019 - 28.07.2019
Italy / Belluno

Sonica is going to take place in a new stunning venue, surrounded by the Unesco world heritage of the Friuli Dolomites Alps and crossed by the Meduna river.

Own Spirit Festival - Spain

24.07.2019 - 29.07.2019
Spain / aragon

It´s time to make the world vibrate with your smile, your dance, your conscience. It´s time for a new Own Spirit Festival edition.

Habitat Festival - Germany

25.07.2019 - 28.07.2019
Germany / Flugplatz Hungriger Wolf

Im Juli öffnet das Festival auf dem Flugplatz “Hungriger Wolf” wieder seine Pforten für Bass-Bussard, Groove-Gorilla, Camp-Chamäleon & Co

Kosmos Festival - Finland

26.07.2019 - 28.07.2019
Finland / Närhilä

Kosmos Festival is a gathering of a wide variety of people. Hypnotic techno shakes hands with freaky suomisoundi. The chill stage has been one of the biggest successes every year.

Fuera del Tiempo Festival 2019 - Mexico

26.07.2019 - 29.07.2019
Mexico / Ciudad de México

This Festival is a multidisciplinary and inter-cultural project through visual and auditory arts claims the respectful contact with our Mother Earth.

OZORA Festival 2019 - Hungary

29.07.2019 - 04.08.2019
Hungary / Dádpuszta

Music is the only language the whole world understands, and though certain people understand each other’s dialects more than others


SimSalaBoom Festival 2019 - Germany

02.08.2019 - 04.08.2019
Germany / Menkendorf

SimSalaBoom intends to help you release your inner child, so that you can escape from the tedious nuances of the day. You can enjoy the smooth psychedelic music

Nature One 2019 – 25 Jahre - Germany

02.08.2019 - 04.08.2019
Germany / Raketenbasis Pydna

Celebrate summer with friendly people of all ages and have a good time, this festival is a must! Nature One 2019 located in Germany Pydna!

Samsara Festival Europe 5th Edition 2019 - Hungary

03.08.2019 - 11.08.2019
Hungary / Siófok

Samsara Festival welcomes the world’s contemporary tribes to its fourth summer celebration of the free spirit, love, peace&unity, where CHILL is the main stage.

MoDem Festival 2019 (Momento Demento) - Croatia

05.08.2019 - 11.08.2019
Croatia / Mjesto Primišlje

Mo:Dem Festival promotes underground psychedelic sounds and cutting edge visual and experimental art.

Freedom Festival 2019 - Portugal

06.08.2019 - 12.08.2019
Portugal / near São Gião

Edition after edition there are new challenges for cooperation and synergy between design, construction, programming and organization.

SonneMondSterne XXII Festival 2019 - Germany

09.08.2019 - 11.08.2019
Germany / Saalburg-Ebersdorf

The SonneMondSterne Festival is one of the largest open air festivals for electronic dance music in Europe.

Summer Dream Festival 2019 - Germany

09.08.2019 - 11.08.2019
Germany / Brahmfeld

The endless Dream of Summer.

Shining Festival 2019 - Germany

09.08.2019 - 11.08.2019
Germany / North Germany

The biggest family reunion in the North is calling – don’t miss the Shining-Festival 2019 located in Germany Himmelpforten!

Tantrika ॐ Love Gathering 2019 - Italy

10.08.2019 - 18.08.2019
Italy / Cagliari

Brothers and Sisters from the World, the second edition of Tantrika ॐ Love Gathering comes up! Lets come togehter as a family!


Humpty Dumpty Open Air 2019 - Germany

10.08.2019 - 11.08.2019
Germany / Festivalgelände Hafengrün

HUMPTY DUMPTY OA: 2 Dancefloors + Xtra Chill Area, Progressive + Psytrance

New Healing Festival 2019 - Germany

12.08.2019 - 19.08.2019
Germany / North Germany

The New Healing Festival sustainable experience camp promises a week with lots of music, art, inspiration and a beautiful party at the weekend.

WAO Festival 2019 - Italy

13.08.2019 - 19.08.2019
Italy / Monte Peglia

7 blissful days of psychedelic arts and culture in the breathtaking frame of Central Italy


Tanabata Festival - Germany

16.08.2019 - 18.08.2019
Germany / Brandenburg

Wir sind ein paar Berliner unser Motto: “In lak’ech ala K’in, das Gesetz des Herzens..”

PLAY Festival - South Korea

16.08.2019 - 18.08.2019
South Korea / Secret Garden Campground Round

2 Nights and 3 Days Journey depart from the daily routine, Psychedelic Sound and Slow Life Culture in forest under Fullmoon

ZNA Gathering - Portugal

19.08.2019 - 26.08.2019
Portugal / Ponte de Sor

A psychedelic Experience for young and old – ZNA is the Zeoxyribonucleic Acid.

New Horizons Festival - Germany

21.08.2019 - 25.08.2019
Germany / Nürburgring

Redefining everything you thought you knew about festivals, New Horizons will stretch your imagination.

Wonderland Festival 2019 - Germany

22.08.2019 - 25.08.2019
Germany / Waldfrieden Events

Waldfrieden Wonderland is an unique summer festival! A lot of different styles of Psytrance styles and much more to hear and see!

Free Earth Festival - Greece

22.08.2019 - 26.08.2019
Greece / Azapiko Beach

Free Earth is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor party scene.

Digital Forest Festival - Czech Republic

22.08.2019 - 25.08.2019
Czech Republic / Cugy

Dance in trance! Surrounded by nature this festival welcome everyone to share music and have a good time in a pleasantly environment!

Native Noise Festival 2019 - United States

23.08.2019 - 25.08.2019
United States / Lake Lane Afton

Native Noise Festival is the perfect place for anyone to truly be themselves. If you like dressing up and getting into character you are our best friend. No Joke.

Psy-Fi Festival 2019 – “Seed of science” - Netherlands

28.08.2019 - 01.09.2019
Netherlands / 8926 XE Leeuwarden

Psy-Fi is a Psychedelic music and arts festival in the Netherlands created through passion, love and unity

Indian Spirit Open Air 2019 - Germany

29.08.2019 - 02.09.2019
Germany / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

INDIAN SPIRIT – trance because of dance – not because of drugs!

Timeless Festival - Canada

30.08.2019 - 02.09.2019
Canada / Park de la Chute

The Shamanic Garden team is pleased to invite you to its 4th edition of the festival, which will take place during the long weekend of the LABOR FESTIVAL.

Insomnia Electronic Music Festival 2019 - Portugal

05.09.2019 - 08.09.2019
Portugal / 3400 São Gião

Sharing the central idea of love, peace, unity and respect, by sharing electronic music! This is Insomnia in Portugal São Gião!

Primitif Festival 2019 - Morocco

11.09.2019 - 15.09.2019
Morocco / Lala Takerkoust

We are happy and thrilled to introduce you to Primitif festival, a place where you can be yourself, far from the problems and mental barriers of what we call « real life », and freely express yourself through Dance, Music, Sharing and Love.

CaMaKaVuM Festival - Germany

13.09.2019 - 15.09.2019
Germany / Ziegelei Benzin

We go to the second round …
This time we have chosen the 13.-15.09.2019 and are looking forward to celebrate together with you on 3 floors over 70 acts from all over the world!

Connection Festival - Spain

17.09.2019 - 24.09.2019
Spain / Piscinas Naturales del Río Gévora

Connection Festival is… Workshops, visuals, chill-out, main floor and a wide range of activities will be performed through these magical days of connection.

Mushroom Valley Festival 2019 - Australia

04.10.2019 - 06.10.2019
Australia / Cathu Forest

Mushroom Valley is more then just a party,its a community, a place where you can grow, learn and connect with other like minded people. A place where you can come and be revitalised and re-energised to go out and take on the “real” world.

Circuito Dark e Hitech 2019 – A FORÇA VIVA! - Brazil

08.11.2019 - 10.11.2019
Brazil / Paraná

Os comandantes da nave foram chamados!! Um à um, para ocupar seu espaço, e nos levar ao Espaço!! Começou quente.. E vai se tornar mais um belo capitulo da nossa história!!!

Nahual-Can - Mexico

15.11.2019 - 17.11.2019
Mexico / Palenque

Helping to continue the planetary of the magical lands by having a good time together! Nahual-Can Festival, Palenque Chiapas stands for a sense of unity!

Parvati Shangri-la Festival 2019 - India

31.12.2019 - 01.01.2020
India / katagla (Kasol) parvati valley hp., Kasol

We are Introducing “PARVATI SHANGRI-LA FESTIVAL”. It is a 1 Day power pack festival which will bring you a unique energy to destress your body and mind.

Green Ring Festival 1º Edição - Portugal

22.08.2020 - 24.08.2020
Portugal / Barragem Dos Pisões

An Eco World Music Festival happenning in North Portugal in 2020… all the info soon ♥

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