Black Light Art

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Since January 11th 2013 deco teams around the world gathered together in Psychedelic Decorations group, the first time psychedelic event decorators organized online..​
George Claude of Paris France was the inventor of Neon Signs in 1902 and Edmund Germer of Berlin Germany invented the first Florescent Lamp in 1926, 125 years after UV Lighting was discovered by Johann Ritter of Silesia Poland in 1801.
In the 1930’s, “incidental inventor” Robert Switzer and his brother of DayGlo Color Corporation discovered NEON paint mixing potions (from their fathers drug store) in the bath tub for their magic show, however UV colors have been used for centuries around the globe..
The art form seemed to climaxed in the 60’s and 70’s via Black Light Posters and Neon T-Shirts, then appeared to disappear ever since? Not a chance, psychedelic NEON art and stage decorations keeps evolving as well as our connections to the fluo/psy art realm thanks to people like Tim Berner who created the internet and Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook.
Psychedelic Decorations brings it together in a virtual and accessible time seal of festival arts and decorations. Enjoy!
To the Past, Present and Future
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