Blackbox - Charts May 2017

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Blackbox first saw the light of the day in 1981. He grew up with the local Cosmic Family Parties and got infected by them in the years `95-`96. In `97 Santa brought 2 Gemini Turntables and a Numark Mixer… That`s how the Story started!

Between the years `97 and 2012 Blackbox considered the DJing more as a Hobby & a collector´s passion, he just played a few gigs in South Germany under his earlier Name “Tryptophan”, l8er “Trypti”. In 2013 he decided to devote himself more professionally to music, but from then on called the “Blackbox”!

Since the beginning of 2013 he has played along with names like: Ace Ventura, Avalon, Rinkadink, Middle Mode, Zyce, Static Movement, Etic, Talpa, Phaxe, Funky Dragon, Liquid Space, Symphonix, Nok, Fabio & Moon, Klopfgeister… just to mention a few! So his Dream he had for ~15 years has finally been realized!

In 2015 he joined Forces with his favorite Music Label: Digital Om Productions.

Since October 2016 he is independent again!
(Box Maker @ Blackbox –

Big THX to my Father & Hanni in the Sky, Denny Seidewitz @ LIQUID SPACE, Panzer-Twins @ DREAMSPACEPROJECT, Nishan & Bharat @ DIGITAL OM PRODUCTIONS, Bigl/Patrick/Dominic & Cengiz @ZAB[CH] & all my other supporters i forgot to mention here…

Blackbox`s style can be described as rolling progressive trance with a huge psychedelic flow!


Most memorable Parties & Festivals he visited as a Guest: Solipse `99 / Chakradelic Millenium Event Zürich / VooV 2000 / Iboga Records Labelnight @ Wasserburg / Let there be Light Psylvester 2012 @Rote Fabrik / Mystica 2013 / last but 4 sure not least: Universo Paralello 2013


Watching out for the Future, the Dream has just begun!


Thx for reading,

cheerio ~ yippie-ya-yeah <



Koi Boi - In A Dream (Unreleased)

One Function - Breaking The Silence (Iono Music)

Waveform - Center Of The Universe Album; favorite: Ancient Power (TesseracTstudio)

Outsiders - Our Moment Has Arrived [Altruism Remix] (Sacred Technology)

Symbolic - Insidious [Manifold Remix] (24/7 Records)

Gipsy Soul - Connected (Soundlab Pirates)

Shogan - Mindway (Spiral Trax)

Skyfall & Sad Paradise - Amplify (Nano Records)

E-Clip - Biointegrated Design Album; favorite: Radio Entelechy (Iono Music)

Side Effects - Next Destination (Unreleased)