Blackmoon Festival 2014
Blackmoon Festival 2014

Blackmoon Festival 2014 • 20.08-24.08.2014 • Montecarotto, Italy

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Blackmoon Festival 2014

Welcome to Blackmoon Festival 2014!

For several years Blackmoon Festival has been happening near the oldest cave of Europe and one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic.
Here we are creating a meeting place for time and space travellers who will be bursting with fresh experiences from the recent gatherings.
Come join together and celebrate the closing festival of the summer season and share the energy of the new moon!

2 stage, healing area, art installation & much more…

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Blackmoon Festival

Music by:

  • Ajja (Peak rec) Ch
  • Arjuna (Parvati rec) It
  • Atriohm (Parvati rec) Mk
  • Avalon (Nano rec) Uk
  • Bentley (Freespirit rec) It
  • Burn in Noise (Alchemy rec) Br
  • Circuit Breaker (Nano rec) Uk/Br
  • Chris Rich (Bomshanka Music) Uk
  • Confo (Parvati rec) Gr
  • Cosmo (Noise Poison) Sk
  • Dani (Goaproject) It
  • Dharma (Looney Moon rec) It
  • Dickster (Nano rec) Uk
  • Ectogasmics (Parvati rec) De/Fi
  • Evp (Wildthings rec) Uk
  • Fegins Reject (Wildthings rec) Uk
  • Feel (Sourcecode rec) It
  • Future Frequency (Nano rec) Uk
  • Giuseppe (Parvati rec) It
  • Golikem (Uroboros rec) It
  • Govinda (Believe/Peak rec) It
  • Groove addict (Nano rec) Uk
  • Hypogeo (zenon rec) It
  • Ilai (24/7 rec) It
  • Karan (Third eye rec) In
  • Kim (Zero1 music) UK
  • Malice In Wonderland (2to6 rec) At
  • Mara (Believe/Uroboros) Ch
  • Mark day (Bluehoursounds) Uk
  • Mikel (Believe/Parvati rec) It
  • Mike Australien (ShivaValley rec) Au
  • Monkeysexplosion (Dark Rec) It
  • Naima (Sangoma Reords) At
  • Nitin (Hilltop rec) In
  • Nico (Goaproject) It
  • Occular (Bomshanka music) Uk
  • Orestis (Sonic Loom rec) Gr
  • Paolo (Goanmantra rec) It
  • Petran (paervati rec) Uk
  • Psykia (Psynon rec) It
  • Reality grid (Wildthings rec) Uk
  • Ridden (Harmonia rec) Gr
  • Sensient (Zenon rec) Au
  • Southwild (Wildthings rec) Uk
  • Starling (Hilltop rec) In
  • Vertex (Psynon rec) Uk
  • vertical (Parvati rec) Fi
  • virtuanoize (Noise Poison rec) It
  • Whiptongue (looney Moon rec) Br
  • Wildchild vs Xeromorph (Creative Jungle) It
  • & more coming soon…

See u on the trancefloor!


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